Wolf Lodge: where wolves are your travel companions

Wolf Lodge Norway
Guests at the Wolf Lodge near Narvik, Norway. Photo credit: Travel Weekly

Wolf Lodge allows you to vacationed amongst wolves in the wilderness.

Within the Norwegian Lapland, you can see and get up close with gray wolves right outside your holiday abode. At the lodge, the structures’ colossal glass windows provide uninterrupted views over wide areas of the Polar Park. The wolves frequent the exterior spaces of the buildings and seems to basked in the attention that they received from visitors. You can wander outside and meet them with your guide.

For many centuries, the species roam the wild landscape of Norway. Until excessive hunting and loss of habitat significantly reduced their population. Today, less than 30 live in the wild, accordingly to recent studies.

wolves norway
Gray wolves at Polar Park. Photo credit: CNN

Through conservation programs, the wolves are being saved from extinction and small packs live in enclosures inside the park. The Wolf Lodge was erected in the midst of one of these nature preserves. Naturally, wolves are untamed and wary of human contact but as outlined by the local experts, the animals in the park are used to people. So much so that they considered us a part of their natural environment, says a representative. During your visit, a guide will be with you to teach you all that there is to know about these sociable breed.

Other wildlife to see in Polar Park include bears, wolves, lynx, wolverines, foxes, deer, elk, reindeer, and musk. Preys and predators strive here in the backwoods and all the species are important in order to maintain the proper balance of the ecosystem.

At the Wolf Lodge, the location is ideal to see the Northern light (Aurora borealis). In fact, you can watch this dancing phenomenon through the roof of the building. Nature and wildlife photography led programs abound. Here, ‘Exclusive Photoguiding’ is directed at professional and serious photographers who want to capture some winning shots of the animals in the wild, as well as the innate beauty of the Norway’s landscape comprising wide-ranging forests and iced lakes.



Article by: Tiffany Huggins


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