Whitepod eco luxury hotel, where alpine adventures abound!

Whitepod eco luxury hotel
Whitepod. Photo credit: .Themilliardaire

One of the first things that I noticed upon my arrival at Whitepod eco luxury hotel was the beauty of the landscape.

I was in awe.

The majestic peaks and sweeping valleys joined to create a virtuoso backdrop. Naturally, summers and winters offer two very different sceneries and classes of adventures. In essence, both seasons are equally pleasing. Life at the resort is centered around the mountains. Sited at the beginning of the Swiss Alps in the canton of Valais, Whitepod eco luxury hotel offers a wealth of prospective for outdoor expeditions such as hiking, biking, paragliding, skiing, and snow-scooting.

Whitepod eco luxury hotel  winter
Whitepod (pod suite).
Photo credit: Themilliardaire

As an environmentalist and a lover of mountain life, glamping (glamourous/luxury tent camping), and eco-luxury, Whitepod eco luxury hotel was the perfect fit for me during my recent holiday to Switzerland. The geodesic dome-shaped tents, which comprise the resort, seamlessly blend in with their alpine landscape. Moored on wooden dais, the pods are built to provide warmth, comfort, and protect their occupancies from the cold temperature and the snow on the ground. The structures, each has their own unique interior style, accommodation, and amenities. The pods are furnished with organic bedding and wood-burning stoves. Besides their eco-friendly, yet swish interior spaces, their large windows and desks offer spectacular exteriors views.

As an avid hiker, when it comes to adventures, walking the nature trails through the Alps was the major highlights for me during this trip. I literally felt myself breathing in the fresh mountain air. As often as I traversed these mountain paths, each time seem brand new. It is hardly likely for me to ever have enough of the scenery, sights, and sounds of this naturally beautiful and pristine landscape. When winter comes, the grounds at Whitepod eco luxury hotel is converted into a private winter land. Beginner skiers and advanced skiers alike will find the private slopes here opportune.


N.B. I realized that the practice of using animals to haul people or objects around, from one place to another, is an age old tradition or even necessary during domestic situations in some parts of the world. But due to the exploitation of animals in some regions by means of commercialism, personally, I do not agree with the act of working animals. And therefore, I choose not to promote such activities nor do I partake in them.