Wapusk National Park: Home of Polar Bears

Wapusk National Park: Home Of Polar Bears

Wapusk National Park.

Last week my Facebook’s news feed lit up with photographs of a cute Polar Bear cub clinging to its mother’s back (or as one user fumed at such headlines “THAT’S NOT HER BACK”), meaning that the cub was hanging on to its mother’s bum/buttock and not her back directly. In all fairness, the man was correct since the photos being shown indicated as much. I did, however, found this bit quite amusing.

The photographs of the mother bear with her cub were taken by the talented British Columbia’s wildlife photographer Daisy Gilardini. I waited for 117 hours to capture the images in Wapusk National Park, Canada, said Gilardini. This was no easy feat as she had to cope with winds of up to 70km/h in the open outside the den while waiting for the new cubs to emerge with their mother. This was the first time the four-month-old cubs ventured outside the safety of their den.  polar bear and cub wapusk national parkCertainly, this moment is rarely captured on camera and is highly coveted by wildlife photographers. When first emerged, the cubs are at their most vulnerable and some tend to prefer hitching a ride on the adult’s back rather than walking. By no means is this a smooth journey for the little one as it can be like a rodeo up there. During this jaunt, the cubs get familiar with the outside environment and learn to forage for food from their mother.

Sited in a wild, limited access and isolated part of the coast on Hudson Bay, Wapusk National Park and its wildlife are the subjects of much conservation and preservation initiatives. Wapusk National Park is also noted as the home of Cape Churchill, which is world famous for its significant concentration of Polar Bears. The area is noted as the world’s best location to watch and photograph Polar Bears in their natural home. To get to Cape Churchill, travelers must do so by helicopter or Tundra Buggy. Other wildlife in Wapusk National Park include birds: snow goose, ivory gull, caspian tern, peregrine falcon, and the great grey owl; and mammals: arctic fox, wolves, hares, lemmings, and caribou.



Article by: Tiffany Huggins



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