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elves and hidden people
Scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.

Icelandic Elves. “Hidden people among us”, says Icelanders

“She’s an educated woman, a scientist at that and here she is telling me that she believes in Elves“, joked the gentle man conducting the interview. “Oh, I do”, she replied laughing. “And a family of Elves live in this rock?”, she continued, pointing to the boulder behind them. This was my first time hearing […]

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Natural Hot Springs Culture in Iceland
Natural Hot Spring Culture in Iceland. Image Credit: Guide to Iceland

Natural Hot Spring Culture in Iceland

No other people on earth celebrates the traditional of geothermal pools as much as the Icelanders do. In response to L’ EcoResorts interview question about Iceland’s swimming and hot spring culture, one Icelander puts it this way “our hot springs are the source of geothermal energy, which power our lives, naturally heat our homes, public […]

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Icelandic Horse
Icelandic horse. Photo by: Yube Miah

The Icelandic Horse…

As an avid horse lover my absolute favorite sight during my recent trip to Iceland was the Icelandic horse. A specially developed breed of horses, they are small (but do not call them ponies, Icelanders will be insulted!), weighing between 330-380 kilograms. Although small they are sure-footed and able to cross rough terrains. They are […]

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Reykjavik, Iceland
Gullfoss, Iceland. Photo by: Yube Miah

My impromptu trip to Iceland

Reykjavik. The genuine friendliness of the people of Iceland began the moment we landed at the region’s International Airport. My trip to Iceland this past March was not even a bucket list destination. My daughter had visited Iceland prior and was so enthralled by her trip there, and the affordability of it, that I looked into it […]

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