Strawberry Hill Resort Jamaica, A Gem in the Blue Mountains

Strawberry Hill Resort Jamaica

Oh la la!

Once I arrived at the Strawberry Hill Resort, I instantly knew that I would be happy here. This is the sort of place that I have traveled the world to see, to learn about, and to relish in.

Perched in the famous Jamaica Blue Mountains, a locale that sustains an important ecosystem to a colossal of flora and fauna, Strawberry Hill Resort offers panoramic views of the surrounding rainforest, vegetation covered peaks and valleys. The jagged massifs seem to rise out of the earth and reach into the clouds.

Sitting on one of the wooden chairs on the lawn, completely surrounded by nature on this remote estate I was harmoniously and seamlessly at ease.

While reminiscing about the natural beauty, history, and unique decor of the resort, I took the last sip of my 2nd glass of tropical fruit drink, with Blackwell’s rum in it. This stuff is so good, I thought. Tropical fruit punch has always been my favorite drink when in the Caribbean. The locally grown fruits have the most flavorful tastes of any I have had.

It was getting dark outside so I went indoors for the evening.

Victoria, a wildlife filmmaker and a member my travel party had just appeared in view of me. She seem mesmerized by the resort and related as much.  Tomorrow, we will go hiking those trails I  said in acknowledgement of her presence while pointing to the path leading into the high mountains. She nodded enthusiastically.

Strawberry Hill Resort Jamaica

Inside the bar and cottage at Strawberry Hill Resort, the décor is reminisce of antiquity affluence combined with artistic Caribbean flair. Sleek fabric accessories and intricate wooden designs are depicted throughout. Hand-carved bed posts, headboards, desks, chairs, tables, and fretwork fanlights complement the interior spaces.

Opening the windows of my cottage and then stepping out on the veranda, the sceneries were just as spectacular from both these areas. In my haste to get outside and admired the landscape earlier, I hadn’t noticed how magnificent the views were from my accommodation.

Strawberry Hill Resort Jamaica

On this evening, at Strawberry Hill Resort, there were more surprises as well as treasures to be discovered in my cottage. Natural soaps and shampoos handmade by local artisans supply the bathrooms. These products are made using local herbs such as mint and rosemary. Until now, I was not aware of the Blue Mountain Soapworks. Surely, I will make contact with them to learn more about this group of entrepreneurs.


Article by: Ariel Gwail

| November 22, 2015