Stormy Holiday in Tofino, Vancouver Island

tofino storm watching

The locals say it rarely snow in Tofino. But it can happen. Instead, the region is known for its storms. So much so that “Tofino Storm” watching and chasing is sought after by both vacationers and residents.

The areas comprising Tofino and Ucluelet (West Coast, Vancouver Island, Canada) attract people who want to experience the mighty storms that come in from the Pacific Ocean. Tofinio is never over crowded and is a quiet and nature-filled destination.

pacific sands beach resort
Pacific Sands Beach Resort, Tofino, Canada

From November to February when the temperature hover around zero and the momentum of the gales increase, the ocean waves come crashing in. Tourism Tofino states “Rainfall performs its duty in this temperate rainforest, taking breaks for joyful sunbursts. Massive driftwood logs seem as light as matchsticks as they are shuffled up and down the beach by powerful tides.”

Wickaninnish Inn had this year (2016) celebrated twenty years of operating. It is one of the most prominent hotels that caters to people who come to see the storms along the coast. Charles McDiarmid, the inn’s managing director told CBS News “We have been living the dream for 20 years so we are very used to this kind of weather.” At L’ EcoResorts, we learnt that Wickaninnish Inn was engineered to withstand tremendous wind speed and impact that the great storms of the region are known to come with. The hotel ensure that all provisions are in place and includes a generator so in the event that electricity is lost guests will still enjoy the benefits of a warm and cozy accommodation.

The storm video below was filmed at the Wickaninnish Inn along the West Coast on Vancouver Island.