Stevia Natural Sweetener: 200 Times Sweeter Than Sugar and That much Safer

Stevia Natural Sweetener

Stevia Natural Sweetener is a healthy choice to sugar and is highly regarded because it does not add calories.

Stevia Natural Sweetener is made from the plant Stevia rebaudiana. This shrub mainly grows in Paraguay and Brazil. In these regions, the leaves of the stevia plant have been use for hundreds of years in foods. Studies have shown that stevia has some health benefits such as its ability to help lower or stabilized blood sugar levels, fight diabetes, and prevent or ease certain other ailments.

Two hundred times sweeter than regular sugar, Stevia Natural Sweetener has none of the potential harmful health effects that is linked to regular table sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Stevia plant grows throughout South American regions. But the shrub can also grow almost anywhere in the world. Stevia is a wonderful addition to any backyard garden or greenhouse. Making your own Stevia Natural Sweetener extract is the way to go. If you cannot grow your own stevia plant, you can buy the whole stevia leaves from reputable suppliers. The leaves can be grinded and used as sweetener in teas, drinks, baking, or any dish, which requires sweetening. The leaf is less sweet than the extract from the pant. But you can purchase Stevia extract that is 100% pure. Make sure that the stevia extract or the powder does not include any added supplements (I use the Sweet Leaf‘s brand). Some of the supermarket brands are mixed with additives.

At high amount, Stevia Natural Sweetener is somewhat bitterish. There is an aftertaste that lingers longer than regular table sugar and some other sweeteners. But since stevia is naturally sweet, using less of it will do the job and lessens its strong flavor.

Follow these easy steps to make your own Stevia extract:

How to Make Stevia Extract Liquid. Image(s) credit: Food Babe.



While many eco lodges grow their own organic herbs and species, when I travel if the hotel that I am staying at does not produce its own natural sweetener usually I bring my own Stevia Natural Sweetener.



Article by: Joanne Hugo, L’ EcoResorts