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New Zealand nature tour

New Zealand Nature Tour *15 Days: Exploring Off The Beaten Path

New Zealand Nature Tour focuses on the South Island (the Southeastern section of New Zealand). This pure and natural side of the country allow travelers to explore in–depth “New Zealand off the beaten paths”. You will see a land of varied ecological features, including wild species, copses, glacier (including soaring Alps) and lake lands, forests, and […]

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Nicaragua eco tour

Nicaragua Eco Tour: Lake Islands, Rainforest & Wildlife *11 Days

Nicaragua Eco Tour will take you on a wildlife and nature quest. On this excursion, you will explore places such as Lake Nicaragua, the Archipelago of Solentiname, Montibelli Private Natural Reserve, and the biodiversity preserves of Los Guatuzos. In addition to being the largest freshwater in Central America and one of the most extensive in […]

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guatemala trekking tour VOLCANO

Guatemala Trekking Tour and Photo Expedition *8 Days

Guatemala trekking tour includes Guatemala City, the Peten, which comprise lowland jungle, and Maya Highlands – including Lake Atitlán and its environs. Maya Biosphere Reserve covers 5.2 million-acres (2.1 million hectares) – roughly 60 percent of the Guatemala’s protected area and more than 10 percent of the country’s total land surface. The reserve is set […]

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galapagos islands nature tour

Galapagos Islands Nature Tour and Amazon Rainforest Voyage *13 Days, Ecuador

Galapagos Islands nature tour explores mainland Ecuador, the islands off its coast (the Galapagos), and Amazon rainforest. Charles Darwin theory of biological evolution is forever linked to the Galapagos Islands. The region is noted for its contribution to natural scientific research. During the voyage of the Beagle, Darwin arrived at the archipelago here comprising 13 […]

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belize nature tour ruins

Belize Nature Tour: Mayan Ruins and Cave Explorations, Hiking Rainforests *9 Days

Belize Nature Tour underscores the country’s wildlife species, its ancient sites, ruins, reefs, forests, and caves. Besides its fascinating history and culture, Belize is noted for its natural landscapes and wild animals, so much so that encounters with nature is the norm here. Belize Nature Tour will take you hiking through rainforests, diving reefs, and […]

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pantanal nature tour

Pantanal Nature Tour and Wildlife Photography *11 Days, Brazil

Pantanal Nature Tour and Jaguar tracking, Brazil, will take you through the upper Paraguay River basin where the Pantanal bestrides the Brazilian border with Bolivia and Paraguay. Within the confines of the Brazilian’s borders lies about 80 percent of the Pantanal. Pantanal Nature Tour is led by local naturalists and cover crucial areas of this […]

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costa rica nature tour birding

Costa Rica Nature Tour: Birding and Wildlife Watching, Rainforest Hiking *15 Days

Costa Rica Nature Tour ensures that the rules of responsible tourism are abided by. More than 25% of the country’s natural land is designated as national parks, wildlife reserves, and protected areas. For a tiny country that is only 19,730 sq. miles (51,100 sq. km), Costa Rica has a lot to explore in terms of wildlife and […]

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Great Bear Rainforest Tour British Columbia

7 Days Great Bear Rainforest Tour British Columbia, Canada

Great Bear Rainforest Tour British Columbia is designed to bring travelers on a wide-ranging expedition of this vast, wild, and remote landscape of Canada. Comprising 21-million acres of wilderness extending 250 miles along the coast; the forest is oftentimes referred to as the Amazon of the North. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., said of the Great […]

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dominica eco tour

6 Days Dominica Eco Tour – Explore Rainforests, Waterfalls, Lakes, Hot Springs

Dominica Eco Tour provide an opportunity for travelers to explore the island’s majestic rainforests, waterfalls, lakes, and natural hot springs. Referred to as the “Nature Island of the Caribbean”, Dominica is a small island nation in the eastern Caribbean archipelago. It has a citizenry of 72,003 (2013). More than half of the island is covered […]

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negril nature tours jamaica

5 Days Negril Nature Tours Jamaica. Westmoreland and Outer Areas

Negril Nature Tours Jamaica takes travelers to four neighboring parishes, these are Westmoreland, St. Elizabeth, Hanover, and St. James. And incorporate numerous facets, including jungle waterfalls, the ocean and cliffs, and rural community and sleepy fishing village for exploring the local culture. A tiny beach town, Negril was the Woodstock of the Caribbean and the place […]

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