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Iceland Landscape Photo Tour

Iceland Landscape Photo Tour: Snæfellsnes, Golden Circle, Glacier Lagoon, Ice Caves *8 Days

At L’ EcoResorts, we have teamed up with Iceland’s largest and most coveted Aurora Hunters and landscape photographers to bring to you Iceland Landscape Photo Tour. Iceland has some one of the most naturally beautiful landscapes imaginable. Iceland Landscape Photo Tour will take you photographing places such as Glacier Lagoon, Ice Caves, Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes, South […]

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Norway Northern Lights Photography Tour

Norway Northern Lights Photography Tour and Whale Watching Excursion *7 Days

On the Aurora borealis Norway Northern Lights Photography Tour, you will be led by an expert Norwegian photographer/guide. Whom will/can teach you how to create incredible photographs in the arctic conditions of Norway. With focus on taking photos of the Aurora borealis (Northern Lights) and the whales. Upcoming Tour Date(s): January 07 –14, 2017 (Extra: German […]

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Whale Watching British Columbia

Whale Watching British Columbia *7 Days Exclusive Photography Tour, Canada

Whale Watching British Columbia, Canada, tour is favored by almost everyone. Marine biologists, nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, vacationers, and local residents alike all marvel at the sight of the whales, in their wild environment. The killer whales occupying the coasts along British Columbia and Washington state are some of the most closely monitored group of […]

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