British Columbia: CANADA

Tour duration: 7 days
Tour Rate: $15,775
The package rate applies for the duration of the tour (based on 1 person in a travel party), and includes wilderness resort, naturalist/photographer guide, boat, float plane, helicopter, meals and house beverages, and 24-hour concierge at L' EcoResorts.

Whale Watching British Columbia, Canada, tour is favored by almost everyone. Marine biologists, nature enthusiasts, wildlife photographers, vacationers, and local residents alike all marvel at the sight of the whales, in their wild environment.

The killer whales occupying the coasts along British Columbia and Washington state are some of the most closely monitored group of whales.

May through October, Whale Watching British Columbia season is at its peak. Daily chartering companies abound. Tours leave the main ports in Vancouver and Victoria, respectively. However, travelers wanting to avoid the larger cities will embark in the quieter, remoter sites in Northern British Columbia and off the north and west coasts of Vancouver Island.

At L’ EcoResorts, we will arrange for you to spend a full week watching and photographing the whales in their natural habitat. Our guides are familiar with the customs of orcas (killer whales), humpback whales, and Pacific grey whales, and this will increase your chance of tracking them.

Whale Watching British Columbia tour is designed to make going out to see the whales as environmentally-safe as possible. We are environmentalists and operate in a manner that is conducive to the sustainability of the whales and all species.

The package also includes a wilderness resort (or eco-retreat) stay on Vancouver Island.

Vancouver Island’s shoreline is positioned on the west coast of British Columbia. It is a scenic area and includes the Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands. As well as various coastal sites belonging to the mainland of Canada. Whale Watching British Columbia provides an opportunity for travelers to explore the extensive, scenic, pristine wildernesses and coastlines in the region. The innate beauty of British Columbia is attributed to its mountains, beaches, rainforests, and lands.

Travelers who opted for the Whale Watching British Columbia tour package are also elated to learn that other wildlife watching activities abounds here. Bear and bird watching are two of the other nature adventures that our clients often enjoy.


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Tour’s Program

  • If arriving on international/national flight, you'll most likely come in at Victoria International Airport (YYJ). In this event, you will proceed to Port Hardy Airport (YZT), where you will be greeted by your naturalist guide, who is also a notable wildlife photographer.
  • From here, you will be transported by sea plane or boat to your wilderness resort on Vancouver Island.

  • On this day, you'll embark on a boat ride of Great Bear Rainforest, where you can see and photograph black and grizzly bears, orca whales, humpback whales, white sided dolphins, and sea lions in their natural habitat.
  • You'll take a flight over the scenic West Coast's forest and explore, aboard a helicopter, the vast lush and landscape, which reaches the glacier peaks. From overhead, you can see wildlife from a reasonably close distance.

  • Beginning on this day, you'll embark on a 2-day private photography whaling expedition along Johnstone Strait.
  • You will also visit the area of the nature reserve and killer whale habitat at Robson Bight. This site is renowned for its whale-rubbing beaches. In this region, you can see whales, dolphins, porpoise, and sea-lions.

  • Queen Charlotte Strait forms a section of Inside Passage from Washington to Alaska. Along this route, you are likely to see several pods of Orcas, Humpback Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, and Dall’s Porpoises.

  • The aboriginal peoples or native tribes of Canada have a deep connection with the land and the wild animals that inhabit it. You'll visit a First Nations' village and learn about the peoples and their lifestyle.

On day 7, the tour ends in Port Hardy.

  • Depending on your scheduled departure flight to Victoria, you may want to do a nature tour of Port Hardy and "Live the Adventure" here for a couple of hours. Some nature adventures in the region include exploring wildernesses and caves, boating and wildlife watching.
  • You'll depart the lodge for Port Hardy/Port Hardy Airport (YZT).
  • Wilderness resort
  • Naturalist guide/professional wildlife photographer
  • Boating/cruising
  • Float plane
  • Helicopter
  • Meals and house beverages at the resort
  • 24-hour concierges at L' EcoResorts
NOT INCLUDED (separate vacation services and products)
  • Air flights (international/national)
  • Staff gratuities at an additional 10%-15%
March through to May and September through to November offers pleasant weather with light drizzle occasionally, and fair climate in spring and fall.
  • March through to May (spring) temperature is a cool 50's to 60's. During this period, the winter frosts dissolved, making way for cherry blossoms and azaleas. The skies seem to open up, giving way to the brilliant sun.
  • June through to August (summer), this period is peak tourism season, but since our tour is off-the-beaten-path and in the remote region of Vancouver Island peace and serenity is highly attainable. Rainy days are fewer and temperatures range 60's to 70's. Most door adventures happen during this time.
  • September through to November, temperature can dip to a chilly 40's but can go up to 60's, with increase rain falls.
  • December through to February, this period is off-season and experiences the mildest temperature of the year.
  • The price includes wilderness resort, naturalist/photographer guide, boat, float plane, helicopter, meals and house beverages, and 24-hour concierges at L' EcoResorts.
  • Ninety or more days prior to your arrival, 30% of the rate is required to confirm your reservation.
  • Thirty days or less and prior to your arrival, the full reservation amount is required. In the event of changes to the lodge reservation or the dates of your flights, by you, such a cancellation is subjected to 10% cancellation fee. Note: this refers to changes in your reservation only [see additional cancellation policy below].
  • The tour price is based on the number of persons indicated. For personalized group rates, please make inquiry with us regarding the package cost.
  • Participants shall have the ability to hike some easy and advance nature trails.
When you book your nature tour online through our website (, your reservation will be processed through our secure online payment system. When you first submit a "BOOK NOW" request, one of our agents will contact you to confirm your details. Once your reservation is confirmed, by you, you will receive a notification from us.


  • The tours by L' EcoResorts are nature based, guided, and include walking through rainforests, mountain hiking, cycling, cruising and water rafting, and preserves/safari jaunts.
  • On rainforest tours, you can observe rare and weird species. The Amazon, for example, contains the world’s largest range of wildlife species. Living in the Amazon rainforest are over 40, 000 species of plants, 427 types of mammals (incl. jaguar, anteater, and giant otter), 1,300 varieties of birds, 378 breeds of reptiles (incl. boa), in excess of 400 classes of amphibians (incl. dart poison frogs) and roughly 3,000 categories of freshwater fish. Due to its vastness and some unreachable areas, many species in the Amazon remain undiscovered by scientists. Depending on where in the world your eco resort is located, the nature tour you booked will take you on an intriguing path within that region.
  • On safari tours in Africa, you will observe animals in their natural habitats such as giraffes, lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, zebras, gorillas, panthers, birds, and reptiles. [At L' EcoResorts, we do not offer or support sports hunting or trophy hunting, which is not the same as survival hunting by the native people or any persons who depends on this tradition/method for their food source].
  • On mountain tours, you will hike up some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, these include the Swiss and French Alps, the Andes, the Himalaya mountains, Blue Mountain Peaks (Jamaica), and the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the United States.
  • British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, United States allow travelers to traverse some of the most spectacular natural land in North America. These sites include the Great Bear Forest, Denali National Park and Preserve (and mountain), Kenai Fjords, and Brooks Falls. The regions are notable for bear viewing, whale watching, and their remote wildernesses, icy seas, and glacial landscapes.
  • Most of the nature tours by L’ EcoResorts are available off-the-beaten paths, in the wild. But in some cases, some tours may be available on land governed by the state or other bodies. Travelers are responsible to pay any entrance fees or additional transportation fees for themselves and their groups in order to access such sites, unless otherwise stated. Additional transportation may include boat, train, and float plane. All information regarding your tour will be provided to you.

  • Cancellations made 91 days or more prior to travel, 90% refund will be granted, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellations made 90 to 31 days prior to travel, 50% refund will be granted, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to travel no refunds will be granted.
Due the complexities of the various policies by international operators and other third parties in the regions where the nature tours are available, the "CANCELLATION POLICY" by L’ EcoResorts is structured to apply to all reservations.

  • We highly strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance prior to your tour.


L' EcoResorts, its employees, its affiliates and their employees accept no responsibility, whatsoever, for travelers’ health and safety while they partake in a nature tour. While participating in the tours booked through L' EcoResorts, it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to secure their health and safety. It is further the responsibility of travelers to do health checkups and acquire a clean bill of health from a professional health care provider before embarking on any physical activities, therefore relieving L' EcoResorts, its partners, and its staffs from any blame as it relates to the health and safety of travelers.

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  • The lodges and nature tours are selected based on their commitment to the care and preservation of the environment, the land, the wildlife, and the local peoples’ cultures.
  • With L’ EcoResorts, you will receive optimum care and attention from the initial stage to the zenith of your vacation, and even after you returned home.
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