Corner Country. AUSTRALIA

Tour duration: 17 days
Tour Rate: £5,995
The package rate applies for the duration of the tour (based on 1 person in a travel party), and include eco-lodges, parks and reserves’ entry fees, 4WD coach (for tour, airport transfers), meals and house beverages at the accommodations, naturalist guides, and 24-hour concierge at L' EcoResorts.

Australia Outback Tour takes you on a journey through nature, history, and contrasts: deserts, remote villages, ancient monuments, and waterways, all traveled by early explorers (some of whom embarked on ill-fated expeditions of the Australian outback).

Relatively uncharted, except for the aboriginal people who moseyed the land, Corner Country in the 1800’s included the areas explored by a duo of ambitious adventurers who themselves and their men set out to discover the Australian continent, from its South to its North. Prior, such an expedition was out of the norm and the men voyage continues to be of intrigue. Robert O’Hara Burke and William John Wills were at the helm of this excursion. It is referred to as “Burke and Wills expedition”. “European exploration of Australia” comprises a group of seafarers and land explorers, including Willem Janszoon, James Cook, and Charles Sturt.

Australia Outback Tour allows persons to trace the men’s footsteps (so to speak) along some exhilarating routes. The Australia Outback Tour will follow sections of where some of these brave men traveled, then divert to integrate some sites of great interests in the journey. Places to see include “Lost City”, the frontier where three states (Queensland, South Australia, and New South Wales) connect in a desert wilderness, and vast open lands that seems to go on forever and is home to copious wildlife that roams free.

Australia Outback Tour is ideal for landscape photographers and persons interested in the rugged and wilds of Australia. You will be visiting wildlife of Sturt National Park, birding on Coongie Lakes, learning about rural life on secluded cattle station, relishing the heritage and history of the early settlers and pioneers who came to these lands in time-passed and be fascinated by the lifestyle of the aboriginal people.

You will see numerous sites that will strengthened your knowledge of Australia’s innate attributes, heritage and cultures. Some of these places include the Outback, Corner Country, Birdsville, Innamincka, Sturt National Park, Cooper Creek, Simpson Desert, Strzelecki Desert, and Big Red.

The natives are eager to share stories of intrigue with visitors. In essence, Australia Outback Tour will not only connect you with the intrepid of the outback, its sites and wildlife but also with deep rooted societies.

Tour’s Program

  • You'll arrive in Brisbane (Queensland) at Brisbane Airport (BNE), where you'll be greeted by your naturalist guide, and transported to your eco-lodge near the city.
  • On this day, you will be staying in wildlife sanctuary that is home to native birds and other wildlife, including the kangaroo, the kookaburra, and the turtle.

The last situate in southern Queensland before entering the more populated east coast, St. George allow travelers to delve in a sparsely tenanted area and has outback. Straddling the banks of the Balonne River is the Western Downs town of St. George. The region is rich in history (which will be, in part, some highlights of the tour) and is the site where explorer Sir Thomas Mitchell on St. George’s Day (April 23, 1846), discovers the river crossing; hence the town’s name. A monument dedicated to Mitchell is established locally.

  • The route from your lodge (near Brisbane) to St. George will take you traversing outback, where you'll explore a rugged land of natural beauty, history, and intrigue. In St. George, you'll travel in the paths of explorers and discover Darling Downs, Western Downs, Balonne River, and the Great Artesian Basin.
  • You’ll visit the quirky village of Eulo, known for its date wine, mud baths, odd monuments, and opal mining. Here, you will explore Yowah's opal fields, visit the pub (Toompine Pub) with no town – since all the residents have moved away, and Quilpie - referred to as “Boulder Opal”, a hub for buffs and avid miners.
  • You'll arrival at Bowra Sanctuary (Cunnumulla), a nature reserve where you can see a number of endangered species such as the Bilbies, Numbat, and Gouldian Finch. The location is noted as one Australia’s best birdwatching regions with 500+ types of birds, 200+ mammal breeds, 500+ classifications of reptiles and frogs.
  • You'll reach Thargomindah, check into your lodge to spend the night before continuing to Noccundra. On leaving Thargomindah, you are leaving the civilization behind before reaching the desert areas of far western Queensland.
  • You will travel through Noccundra, the town only occupied building is the Noccundra Hotel/Noccundra Pub. It was while in search of survivors of the lost Leichhardt Expedition led by Andrew Hume when he succumbed to thirst near the present town. A monument stood in recognition of him.

We will arrive in Tibooburra and check into your lodge/hotel.


Tibooburra is the most remote town in the Outback NSW and formed part of the Corner Country in north-western New South Wales. To get to Sturt National Park, you will use this route. Named in commemoration of explorer Charles Sturt, the park in noted for its rolling red sand dunes, flat-topped mesa, and stone relics. Its wildlife species include the eagle, the corella, and the kangaroo.

  • You'll stay at a Homestead in Sturt National Park. During your time here, you will explore the landscape via its network of walking trails and roads. At the lodge, you will experience the life of outback settlers and visit an outdoor pastoral museum.
  • You'll travel the arid and sandy track of Strzelecki Desert, whose land border on Lake Eyre Basin. This area has a reputation of turning into a large inland lake when it rains and has many sand dunes during dry period. It was here that proved fatal for explorers Robert Burke and William Wills during their 1861 voyage in the region.
  • At Cameron Corner, where 3-states meet: New South Wales, Queensland, and South Australia, you'll make a stop for refueling and take a break from traveling, then proceed to your bread and breakfast accommodation, which is a working organic cattle station comprising half a million acres.

An ecosystem of contrast, Innamincka Regional Reserve comprises 1.3 million, and includes wetlands of the Cooper Creek system and plain arid outback. Here, travelers can learn about the natural history of the region and its history relating to the plight of the original people, who lived here, as well as the European settlers who later came, and Australia’s notable explorers Burke and Wills who traversed these parts and whose expedition proved fatal. On this route, the Dig Tree is noted for its role in the ill-fated journey of the men and the site can be explored.

  • You'll check into your hotel in Innamincka, and discover the history and natural habitat of the region. The hotel is located at a watering hole and is in one of the most secluded outpost settlements in Australia.
  • Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park is a scenic area of water channels and deltas, lakes, waterholes, plains, and swamps, and is home to birds, fish, reptiles, and frogs. Here, you can go bushwalking and canoeing.

Made up of 1100 parallel sand sand dunes, Simpson Desert provides a habitat to wildlife and plants. Purnie Bore, for example, has underground water that bubbles to the top, converting the arid desert into a place of sustainable ecosystem.

  • At the edge of Simpson Desert sits Birdville Hotel. Here, you'll stay in the midst of the Australian outback and explore this red sand dune community.

Located in the midst of the Channel Country, Windorah is noted for its colossal red sand hills, ruins, and birdlife.

  • You'll stay in a family owned and run hotel in Windorah. The place is a noted restaurant and pub along the outback.

Big Rig, Oil and Gas Museum, Romavilla Winery, and Roma Saleyards include the attractions of Roma. It has the oldest winery in all of Queensland. Facing north is the Carnarvon Gorge in Carnarvon National Park and in our opinion is an unsung attraction with gigantic sandstone cliffs, striking gorges, an array of plants and wildlife species, aboriginal rock art.

  • In Roma, you'll check into your hotel. At this time, you'll relax and savor the ambiance of the place. There is a restaurant and bar where you can indulge in authentic Australian cuisine.

On the outskirt of Brisbane, a natural world abounds in the form of its numerous national parks – from features of hilly landscapes to lookout points to woodlands to eucalypt forests to waterfalls, waterways, and bays, these green areas and waterscapes has hiking/walking/biking trails and whimsical scenery.

  • You'll arrive at your lodge/hotel in Brisbane. For a final trip before you leave, you will visit D'Aguilar National Park. Here, you can see remote gorges, swaths of subtropical areas and Eucalypt forests/woodlands.
  • Your tour ends today and its time to check out of your hotel/lodge.
  • From your lodge, you'll be transported to the airport for your international departure.
  • Eco-lodges
  • Naturalist guides
  • 4WD coach (for tour, airport transfers)
  • Parks/reserves entry fees
  • All meals and house beverages at the lodges/accommodations
  • 24-hour concierges at L' EcoResorts
NOT INCLUDED (separate vacation services and products)
  • Air flights (international)
  • Hotels (eco-lodges), service taxes/fees plus gratuity at an additional 20%
Located in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia experience temperature that is the reserve of the Northern Hemisphere. The warmest period is the peak tourist season and occurs from late December through to early February (which coincides with the winter season in America, for example); the low season is May through to August.
  • Late September through to early December is the period right before the peak season and it has pleasant climate (from 60’s to the mid-70’s) and fewer crowd.
  • Late December through to early February is peak season and tourists are greater in numbers, during this period temperature average the high 70’s.
  • Late February through to April is just after the horde of tourist left and the place is sparsely populated. Temperature begins to drop but the weather is pleasant.
  • May through to August is low season. July have only 6- hours of sunshine during the days. Temperate is fair ranging from 40’s to 60’s.
  • The price includes eco-lodges, parks and reserves entry fees, road transportation (incl. airport transfers), meals and house beverages at the accommodations, naturalist guides, 24-hours customer services by L' EcoResorts.
  • Ninety or more days prior to your arrival, 30% of the rate is required to confirm your reservation.
  • Thirty days or less and prior to your arrival, the full reservation amount is required. In the event of changes to the lodge reservation or the dates of your flights, by you, such a cancellation is subjected to 10% cancellation fee. Note: this refers to changes in your reservation only [see additional cancellation policy below].
  • The tour price is based on the number of persons indicated. For personalized group rates, please make inquiry with us regarding the package cost.
  • Participants shall have the ability to hike some easy and advance nature trails.
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  • The tours by L' EcoResorts are nature based, guided, and include walking through rainforests, mountain hiking, cycling, cruising and water rafting, and preserves/safari jaunts.
  • On rainforest tours, you can observe rare and weird species. The Amazon, for example, contains the world’s largest range of wildlife species. Living in the Amazon rainforest are over 40, 000 species of plants, 427 types of mammals (incl. jaguar, anteater, and giant otter), 1,300 varieties of birds, 378 breeds of reptiles (incl. boa), in excess of 400 classes of amphibians (incl. dart poison frogs) and roughly 3,000 categories of freshwater fish. Due to its vastness and some unreachable areas, many species in the Amazon remain undiscovered by scientists. Depending on where in the world your eco resort is located, the nature tour you booked will take you on an intriguing path within that region.
  • On safari tours in Africa, you will observe animals in their natural habitats such as giraffes, lions, elephants, rhinos, leopards, zebras, gorillas, panthers, birds, and reptiles. [At L' EcoResorts, we do not offer or support sports hunting or trophy hunting, which is not the same as survival hunting by the native people or any persons who depends on this tradition/method for their food source].
  • On mountain tours, you will hike up some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, these include the Swiss and French Alps, the Andes, the Himalaya mountains, Blue Mountain Peaks (Jamaica), and the Rocky Mountains in Canada and the United States.
  • British Columbia, Canada, and Alaska, United States allow travelers to traverse some of the most spectacular natural land in North America. These sites include the Great Bear Forest, Denali National Park and Preserve (and mountain), Kenai Fjords, and Brooks Falls. The regions are notable for bear viewing, whale watching, and their remote wildernesses, icy seas, and glacial landscapes.
  • Most of the nature tours by L’ EcoResorts are available off-the-beaten paths, in the wild. But in some cases, some tours may be available on land governed by the state or other bodies. Travelers are responsible to pay any entrance fees or additional transportation fees for themselves and their groups in order to access such sites, unless otherwise stated. Additional transportation may include boat, train, and float plane. All information regarding your tour will be provided to you.

  • Cancellations made 91 days or more prior to travel, 90% refund will be granted, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellations made 90 to 31 days prior to travel, 50% refund will be granted, unless otherwise stated.
  • Cancellations made 30 days or less prior to travel no refunds will be granted.
Due the complexities of the various policies by international operators and other third parties in the regions where the nature tours are available, the "CANCELLATION POLICY" by L’ EcoResorts is structured to apply to all reservations.

  • We highly strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance prior to your tour.


L' EcoResorts, its employees, its affiliates and their employees accept no responsibility, whatsoever, for travelers’ health and safety while they partake in a nature tour. While participating in the tours booked through L' EcoResorts, it is the sole responsibility of the traveler to secure their health and safety. It is further the responsibility of travelers to do health checkups and acquire a clean bill of health from a professional health care provider before embarking on any physical activities, therefore relieving L' EcoResorts, its partners, and its staffs from any blame as it relates to the health and safety of travelers.

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