Damaraland: NAMIBIA

Bedroom(s): 13 & 2 Suites  Locale: Desert. Wildlife Preserve

price $800 - 1,700 /night

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Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge sits among boulders in the desert. Sandwiched between the Ugab and Huab Rivers in Southern Damaraland is this vast and pristine wilderness. It is an area of immense scenery and includes places of geological formations, archaeological sites, and desert animals and plants. Wildlife species that roam in the vicinity of the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge include black rhino and desert elephant.

A mystical place, the locale of the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge is a place of serenity and solitude in the desert. Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge is tucked in between boulders, which creates a unique atmosphere. Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge boasts luxury tent accommodations built to each maximize privacy for its occupants. The resort is built to cause minimum impact on the natural environment. During the construction of the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge, stilts were used to support the tents, avoiding excavation process.

Adventures at Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge are based on the desert. You can take off in an air balloon and get a bird’s eye view of the natural scenery and wildlife roaming below. You can,= embark on game drive and spot African wildlife. Excursions at Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge include exploring the ancient sites of Twyfelfontein. The region is noted for its prehistoric rock carvings. At this historical sites are more than 2,500 engravings as well as various paintings done by the aboriginal people.

See our Namibia Nature Tour. On this excursion, you can explore the region in-depth as well as Botswana and Victoria Falls. 

Open-air vehicle allows travelers to go out and tour the landscape and experience the uniqueness of Africa. Local guides have a deep respect for the land and are knowledgeable about its history. They strive in maintaining its innate attributes. With the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge, every aspect of the land is shared with travelers. Local traditions have been preserved and go hand in hand with the features of the land itself. Travelers at the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge will come to fully appreciative the geology, botany, and wildlife of the region. Local villagers are welcoming and keen to share their experiences with travelers.

Sustainable eco-tourism and community upliftment is of the utmost importance at the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge "Mowani".

We have recently established a working relationship with IRDNC (Integrated Rural. Development and Nature Conservation), AfriCat, EHRA (Elephant Human Relations Aid) and the Uibasen (Twyfelfontein) Conservancy to increase our conservation footprint in Damaraland.

A meeting was held with Garth Owen Smith to continue our current support of the desert lion project whereby Mowani and Kipwe pay the salary of one of the two game rangers (even though it is outside our conservancy).

We have planted a variety of local indigenous plants which are harvested and replanted around the lodge and water hole.

The waterhole has been expanded to provide a local elephant herd of 18 (including 2 calves under 6 months old) with enough water when they visit the lodge.

Community support and initiatives at the Twyfelfontein Namibia Lodge "Mowani" include:

  • Winter Knights and the Medic Rush where the elders and children received blankets and where doctors and nurses are transported into Damaraland by Round Tablers to provide medical support to the community.
  • A quarterly soccer tournament, where the threats of alcohol abuse are discussed.
  • We supply neighbouring farms with vegetable off cuts for their pigs.
  • Mowani assists local farms by fixing waterholes damaged by elephants.
  • We prefer employing from within our own conservancy first.
  • We also assists the local community based vegetable garden by developing skills to manage the project. This includes budgeting, sustainability and crop rotation.

Recycling and re using:

All our refuse is recycled and sent to Windhoek, which is a distance more than 400km from the lodge.

Staff upliftment:

Mowani currently has an assistant manager and head guide who started working at the lodge 13 years ago as builders and waiters. Recently, we have empowered 8 staff to supervisor level and have brought in experts to train kitchen staff as well as front office staff.

Sustainable vegetable garden:

Mowani has started their own herb garden which is maintained by the chefs. This garden is being expanded to grow a variety of vegetables as well. We do however not want to expand too much as we are also supporting a community based vegetable garden in the conservancy.

Local suppliers:

Mowani purchases vegetables from Dimab, a community based vegetable garden and assists with empowering the locals to manage the project successfully.

Solar power:

Mowani does not make use of solar power. We do however make use of gas geysers and use energy saving bulbs. The lodge was designed with a high roof and ventilation ducts which results in a temperature change from inside and outside of no more than 5 degrees on hot days.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Dining
  • Jeep safari
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

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