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The Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand offers an unrivalled combination of luxury, environmentally friendly designs and unforgettable, authentic Thai experiences.

Koh Kood, where the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand is located, remain virtually as it always was. The area boasts wild jungles, pristine beaches, fishermen going about their business. Ancient Siam, at peace with itself.

Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand is located only a one hour’s flight from Bangkok by private plane.

At the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand, twenty-four large resort villas welcome guests. The villas are located on idyllic beach or sunny slopes in the rainforest. And all have stunning infinity pool, impossibly chic furnishings, personal electric buggies and include impeccable service courtesy of Mr./Ms. Friday private butlers.

Highlights at the resort include open air Cinema Paradiso, Benz’ mangrove restaurant, the Chocolate and Ice cream parlour, the Observatory, The Den and the spectacular Treetop Dining Pod.

Here, Barefoot Intelligent Luxury at its best. No news, no shoes, Thai style.


We’ve always been fascinated by the night sky. Its thick, impenetrable darkness scattered with glimmering specks of light.

Here, on remote Koh Kood, we felt a sense of wonder as we stared into its open sky, far from the obscuring lights of civilization. That’s why we were inspired to build a state-of-the-art observatory. With the infectious passion of our visiting astronomers, you’ll soon be identifying constellations, counting the moons of Jupiter and peering at the graceful halo of Saturn’s translucent ring.


We invite you to sample spa treatments at Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand Spa. The menu embark on sensory journeys without leaving the enclave of the resort.

Treat yourself to world-spanning excursions, from locally inspired treatments to the healing therapies of Asia and beyond. Mud massages, Thai herbal baths, silk facials, warm oils of Ayurveda and a rich selection of wellness rituals await your choosing.



In life there is often an ecstatic joy in things just below the surface – the emotions unspoken, palpable tension, exquisite anticipation. And then there is the rush of breaking the surface, reaching and immersing yourself full body. As we stare out at the ocean – a frequent pastime in our seaside lifestyle – we see an unbroken expanse but know that just beyond eyesight a profusion of wonders reign.

We invite you to break through and surround yourself in the bursts of colours that explode throughout the reefs. Our trusted experts – including the exclusive option of our marine biologist – sail you to the most amazing snorkelling destinations in our corner of the Gulf. In hot spots like Koh Kyak, Koh Thong Lang and Koh Rang, you’ll seek out rock formations teeming with wildlife and coral gardens that look as if they were designed by abstract artists of unmatched imagination. Swim amidst swirling hues a world away from the vision seen from just above.


Koh Chang National Park offers two-dozen dive sites down to 30 metres though much of the more colourful coral thrives closer to the surface, around 12 metres.

Experienced dive masters lead the way underwater to blue spotted sting rays, angelfish, fusiliers, sweet lips, moral eels, turtles and schools of banner of fish.

Some recommended water activities at Soneva Kiri Eco Resort Thailand:

  • So Sun Sea Safari
  • Private picnic and snorkelling
  • Diving courses
  • Sunrise breakfast cruise
  • Sunset Cocktail cruise

At the resort, we take our environmental and social responsibilities very seriously. Whether it's developing resorts using sustainable materials, recycling waste materials, conserving water or preserving ecosystems, we are always prepared to take the initiative.

The acronym SLOW LIFE (Sustainable-Local-Organic-Wellness Learning-Inspiring-Fun-Experiences) explains the resort's philosophy. Our aim is to create unforgettable, enlightening experiences that rejuvenate each guest's love of SLOW LIFE. It's about illuminating lives whilst treading lightly on the earth.

Soneva is ultimately aiming to decarbonise. This involves removing our net carbon emissions from our overall operations. It will be done through energy efficiency, use of renewable energy and mitigating unavoidable emissions through clean technologies or by planting trees. High standards and innovative practice could mean some of our resorts become carbon sinks.

The preservation of our environment is essential to a biodiverse future. Responsible tourism has a key role to play in the protection of some of our most beautiful ecosystems and endangered species. Soneva takes great pride in operating in a biodiverse-friendly way and supporting conservation and restoration efforts.


Improving our energy efficiency and moving towards renewable energy sources is our priority. A key part to improvements it to monitor our energy consumption through our Soneva Carbon Calculator. Over the years we have gradually become better. This ultimately means good business sense as it improves our carbon footprint, operational costs and bottom line.


Soneva sources all its water sustainably and is 100% self-sufficient – 40% rainwater collected, 15% deep well and 45% desalination. In addition, Soneva Resorts have put in place water-saving practices. Water-saving shower heads, aerators in taps and push valves in heart-of-house areas are all examples of technologies introduced to reduce water consumption.

Waste Management

Soneva has put in place an Eco Centro Waste-to-Wealth to handle solid waste. 74% of Soneva’s solid waste is recycled. The overall carbon footprint of Soneva waste management is negative 69 tons per year, which means our recycling efforts result in more carbon avoidance than produced, hence decarbonising.

We strongly believe that hiring locally, buying local products and championing sustainable business practices is fundamental and the best way to support the local community which we operate in.

Local people are local experts. When we built the 'Den' at Soneva Kiri, we used a combination of the local Karen tribesmen’s ancient knowledge of bamboo and the innovation of a Soneva architect to create a truly inspiring structure. Often the extended families of our guests hide people with a unique understanding of local history, custom or biodiversity. These people can make the experiences we offer truly unique.


Respecting the cultures in which we are operating is paramount to Soneva. Food is one of many important parts of culture and sharing local ingredients and local recipes embraces the local culture in a way that both local communities and guests mutually benefit from.

Education & Awareness

Providing education is a core part of host training throughout the Soneva community. Our commitment to the environment and to people is echoed in our training policy, which we hope to communicate to our guests and the greater public alike.

Local Awareness

Raising local awareness regarding environmental issues is vitally important. Local communities benefit from understanding more about how the environment works, but also from gaining practical skills in, for example, recycling. Our awareness events are directed toward local communities and are designed to improve knowledge of both biodiversity and waste management. The annual Soneva Nature Trip has become one of the most influential events in the Maldives.

Soneva Nature Trail

For local schoolchildren, a trip to Soneva Fushi to explore the coral reefs with the island Marine Biologist can be daunting task. Many of these children cannot swim, and the few that can will most probably have never seen the amazing world that exists beneath the surface. This will be the first opportunity they have to learn about the reefs and the diverse life they support, and a chance for the next generation to be made aware of how precious and fragile these places are.

Local Schools

Investing in children is investing in our future, and their education could not be more important. At Eydhafushi, the neighbouring island to Soneva Fushi, we funded the construction of a pre-school which now provides education for 200 students. We have also funded the building of a science laboratory on Dharavandhoo, another island in Baa Atoll. It shouldn't all be work though, so we invest in fun, too. We created a playground at a local on Koh Kood near Soneva Kiri.

SLOW LIFE Symposium

The SLOW LIFE Symposium convenes business leaders, scientists, NGOs, renowned thinkers and policy makers to help accelerate progress towards environmental sustainability. Participants discuss global issues and seek global solutions that can be applied within a local context. The focus of the Symposium is on the creation of new networks and partnerships. www.slowlifesymposium.com

The Soneva Foundation

The Soneva Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to deliver meaningful projects that have a positive environmental, social and economic impact. It is a registered charity in the UK with registration number 1138811. Some of its projects includes SLOW LIFE in Myanmar, Soneva Forest Restoration, WHOLE WORLD Water, Darfur Stove Project, Care for Children, among others.

Learn more about The Soneva Foundation: http://www.sonevafoundation.org/

Hotel Facilities & Features

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  • Dining
  • Nature tour
  • Ocean
  • Spa treatments
  • Staff
  • Telephone
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • WIFI
  • Wildlife
  • Yoga

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