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Comprising Pantanal Villas and Lodges since 2010, the Caiman Ecological Refuge offers visitors a new way to enjoy Pantanal, Brazil. The resort combines the privacy and exclusivity of a home with the comfort and convenience of a hotel, and occupies an area of 53,000-hectare ranch wetland that contains the greatest concentrations of wildlife in the Americas.

In the private Pantanal Villas and Lodges system, the Caiman Lodge functions as exclusive accommodations with all rooms and the social area reserved for a single group, while maintaining the same excellent hospitably services and gastronomy, as well as a full program of activities.

During this period, the menu and meal times, as well as the program and logistics of activities, are more flexible and can be customized in advance, to meet the group’s preferences and requirements.

The Pantanal Villas and Lodges are the ideal hotel for major celebrations, family travel and getting together with friends.

This form of hospitality also encourages visits by special interest groups such as birdwatchers and for holding workshops and small corporate events, in an informal, inclusive and unusual environment.

Cordilheira Lodge

Harmoniously integrated with nature, Cordilheira Lodge welcomes visitors with outstanding comfort and charm.

Cordilheira Lodge integrates harmoniously with Pantanal nature. On one side, a wooded hillside to observe local fauna throughout the day. On the other, a branch of the lake, either dry or full, depending on the season, demonstrates the flood-water cycle to visitors of the Pantanal Villas and Lodges.

Recently renovated, Cordilheira has 5 double suites, decorated in contemporary style. Each of these has a separate bedroom and living room, bathroom, powder room and balcony, and can accommodate two people.

Cordilheira offers guests outstanding comfort and pampering, with pure cotton bed linen and towels, down-filled pillows and heated showers: a real treat after long walks in the Pantanal natural environment.

In the social area, a cozy living room extends to a dining room for 10 people. Outside, a large room with TV, DVD and games welcomes visitors in the intervals between trips. There is also a pool on a deck , surrounded by the vast expanse of the Pantanal landscape.

Baiazinha Lodge

With balconies overlooking clear waters, Baiazinha Lodge offers a spectacle of colors every sunset.

Baiazinha Lodge is a bird-shaped house, located on the shores of a lake, permanently flooded with crystal-clear water.

It has six standard rooms, situated on the wings of the bird. Its balconies, overlooking a west-facing inlet of the lake, are an irresistible haven for watching the wetland sunset.

Decorated in traditional ranch style, the Pantanal Villas and Lodges welcome guests with pure cotton sheets, down-filled pillows, and hot showers.

The bird’s body contains the living area of the lodge, which includes a dining room for 12 people and a large and cozy living room with TV, DVD and telephone systems.

Outside, a deck includes the pool, space for chaise lounges and comfortable hammocks, framed by the lake and the vast Pantanal landscape.

At our Pantanal Villas and Lodges, our naturalist guides are ready to take you exploring the naturally abundant landscape and tracking the wildlife.

At the Caiman Ecological Refuge, we encourage research and conservation of the Pantanal, and supports several biology and ecology projects. The RPPN Dona Aracy permanently protects 5,600 hectares of natural habitats.

In 2004, Caiman Ecological Refuge created a natural reserve which represents over 10% of its area: the Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony Dona Aracy.

It includes a 5,600 hectare protected area, selected with the aid of research scientists from the University of São Paulo. It is fenced and isolated from cattle, but accessible to visitors.

This area has a great variety of habitats, including cerradões (wooded savannah), open fields, carandazais (stands of caranda palms), cerrado baixo (scrubby savanah), streams, seasonal drainage channels, hammock and cordilheira forests, where numerous species of wild fauna and flora of the Pantanal find shelter.


In the visitors area, the Environmental Interpretation Center Dona Aracy presents an extensive panel of pictures covering the Pantanal’s ecosystem and history. Access our blog for the late

Various research and species management projects aimed at conservation of Pantanal fauna are included in the Nature Conservation Program activities sponsored and supported by Caiman Ecological Refuge.

In addition to visiting the projects’ bases, our guests can monitor their activities.


This began in 1990 and is coordinated by the biologist, Dr. Neiva Guedes, from UNIDERP. It is aimed at collecting data on the Hyacinth Macaw, by monitoring their nests. Caiman Ecological Refuge area has 38% of the identified nests, where at least 50 new fledglings are hatched each year.


This was launched in 1997 and is coordinated by Glaucia Seixas, a zoologist technician who hold a Master’s degree in Ecology and Conservation. Its goals are to obtain, record and disseminate information on the Blue Fronted Amazon, as well as assessing the impact of human activity on this species – one of the most affected by the illegal trafficking of animals.


Besides the biodiversity conservation projects, in 2007 Caiman Ecological Refuge created the Caiman Recycling Project, which collects, separates and correctly disposes of recyclable and hazardous waste from the whole the property.


Projeto Onçafari is a conservation initiative that aims to promote ecotourism in the Pantanal by habituating* Jaguars in order for people to witness the fascinating behavior of these beautiful animals, from a safari vehicle. Ecotourism is being used as an important conservation tool, providing an important source of income for landowners and local communities. *To habituate an animal is very different form domesticating it. When a Jaguar gets habituated it simply stops perceiving our vehicles as treat and acts normally in our presence. It still remains a completely wild cat.

The Pantaneiros can identify flowers, bird songs and nests, animal footprints and other signs from Nature.

Tours and activities undertaken at the Caiman Lodge are accompanied by Caimaners, expert naturalist guides on the Pantanal fauna and flora, who are natural science graduates and bilingual in Portuguese and English.

In addition, all excursions can call on the knowledge of Field Guides, locally-born residents, who have a deep knowledge and understanding of the area’s nature and culture.

Working with cattle has given rise to a rich regional culture, a blend of the Portuguese, indigenous and Paraguayan.

Cattle ranching, introduced into the region more than two hundred years ago, is the main economic activity in the Pantanal, facilitated by the vast natural grasslands and slightly salty water, ideal for these animals.

This activity has profoundly marked the landscape, customs and Pantanal soul, creating a rich regional culture, a blend of the Portuguese, indigenous and Paraguayan.

Frequent events in the region include lasso competitions, the tereré drink and cattle drives, when cowboys lead thousands of cattle across the Pantanal, and the horse becomes an extension of the body.

Generous evening beef and freshwater fish barbecues are enlivened by the sound of regional guitars and “jaguar” stories around a camp fire.

"I have lived in the Pantanal since I was born and I like it here because of the peace and beauty that nature offers. Living on a ranch offers good security; we have a lower cost of living and an excellent quality of life, substancially better than when you live in the city." - Disnei Sousa Lopes, field guide, 25 years old.

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  • Dining
  • Jeep safari
  • Lake/river
  • Nature tour
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

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