NamibRand Nature Reserve: NAMIBIA

Bedroom(s): 9  Locale: Mountain. Desert

price $720 - 1,000 /night

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NamibRand Eco Camps , collectively, is more than a mere collection of camps. It’s ethos lies in setting an example in sustainability and continually fulfilling its commitment to the conservation of the NamibRand Nature Reserve. Your African dream desert vacation becomes real with the NamibRand Eco Camps. We are not a conventional hotel, but strive to set an example in conservation-centered, sustainable tourism. All the NamibRand Eco Camps are designed to minimize environmental impact, exploring innovative building techniques and utilizing sustainable technologies.

NamibRand Eco Camps is nestles into the dunes and is set against a backdrop of diverse and breathtaking desert scenery. Located in the heart of NamibRand Nature Reserve in southern Namibia, the camps of timeless and elegant safari retreat provides the perfect base from which to embark on exciting and interpretative expedition or simply relax and enjoy the grandeur of the pro-Namib landscape.

Biodiversity is life. At the NamibRand Eco Camps, we are privileged to operate in pristine natural environments, striving to safeguard the integrity of the Pro-Namib ecosystem as part of our global ecosphere and ensure that its health and productivity is managed in an ecologically sustainable manner.

People matter. We have the development of Namibia and the wellbeing of its people at heart. At NamibRand Eco Camps, we prioritize human resource development, social upliftment, the sharing economic opportunities and the encouragement of others to build a better future. The Foundation we run promotes this goal through offering vocational training via The Namibian Institute of Culinary Education (nice).

Our Camps and Lodges

Our portfolio of camps and lodges provides the perfect base from which to explore vast stretches of pristine nature where you will encounter small and large desert dwellers, intriguing flora and fascinating geology.

Warmth and personalized service and a commitment to care for guest and nature alike are NamibRand Eco Camps hallmarks. As our guest at NamibRand Eco Camps we want to provide you with a holistic and truly rewarding nature experience. Our lodge and camps exude old world charm and none of the creature comforts are missing, crisp white sheets, warm down duvets for those chilly desert nights and solar-heated hot showers after a long drive in the great beyond.

Dinners, of course, are a lavish, but unpretentious affair. They always exude a sense of occasion with elegant table settings, candlelight and exuberant menu announcements in the local Nama language. NamibRand Eco Camps and Lodges have an excellent reputation for serving great meals and we are more than happy to indulge any meal preferences with our innovative, wholesome and sophisticated ‘bush-cuisine’, prepared lovingly with homegrown organic fresh produce and paired with excellent local and South African wines.

Each camp has been carefully sited and flaunts its own distinctive backdrop of awe-inspiring desert scenery. All camps were constructed using poles, elevated wooden decks and roll-up canvas walls and are driven solely by solar power, ensuring a very light environmental footprint on the pristine desert ecology.

Since its inception 15 plus years ago, Wolwedans has been guided by an approach where people, nature and business were all equally important. Right from the start the commercial aim of the business has been to ensure the NamibRand Nature Reserve’s financial viability, assuring the conservation of the Pro-Namib for future generations. This approach was captured in Wolwedans’ earliest mission statement: "We are committed to sustainable growth by carefully balancing quality leadership, economic progress, social responsibility and care for our environment" (Dec 1998).

The 4 C's: Conservation

Biodiversity is life. Conservation is safeguarding this biodiversity and the integrity of the ecosystem services it provides which support global needs. Conservation is a core component amongst all Long Runners. They support the sustainable use of natural resources that safeguards the integrity of the ecosphere. Activities in this dimension address issues related to biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as management of energy, water and waste, land planning and carbon impact reduction, among others.

NamibRand Nature Reserve’s biodiversity and habitats are effectively managed through active monitoring and innovative, adaptive management approaches. Today one of Southern Africa’s largest private not for profit nature reserves, it acts as a role model demonstrating holistic biodiversity conservation balanced with financial sustainability. A healthy and functioning ecosystem is now maintained, providing a sanctuary for the fauna and flora of the land, and its human inhabitants.

Ecofriendly building style ensures low footprint.

Since its inception almost two decades ago, Wolwedans has been committed to an eco-friendly building style. All camps were constructed using poles, elevated wooden decks and roll-up canvas walls. As no concrete was used during construction, all accommodation establishments can be dismantled easily, enabling the environment to restore itself in just a few months after deconstruction. All developments and operations are integrated with nature and the environmental impact of our infrastructures and activities reduced to lowest possible levels, whilst maintaining the quality of our product. Sensitivity towards wildlife and land is paramount in all we do.

We invite you to see Wolwedans for what it really is: It is a place to arrive, to be, to learn and unwind, whilst being looked after by a friendly and involved local team. We are not a hotel, but strive to set an example in eco-friendly, sustainable tourism. Each camp at Wolwedans is designed to minimize environmental impact, while satisfying the needs of visiting guests.

Walking the talk. Learn more about the NamibRand Eco Camps "Wolwedans" conservation initiatives here:

People matter; it is the right of every person to have their basic needs met and enhancing the well-being of communities is a fundamental obligation of all. As a Long Run Destination we aim to enhance the wellbeing of all relevant communities who have a direct and indirect socio-economic relationship with us at NamibRand Eco Camps "Wolwedans". Community activities we engage in addresses fair working conditions, local and regional relations, social ventures, social accountability, capacity building and support for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), among others.

Wolwedans endeavors to achieve the following long term community impact: “We want our team and Namibians as a whole to enjoy improved livelihoods and practice sustainable lifestyles. We commit ourselves to this goal by prioritizing human resource development, social upliftment, sharing economic opportunities and the encouragement of others to help build a better tomorrow."

Walking the talk. Learn more about the NamibRand Eco Camps "Wolwedans" community development and support initiatives here:

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Dining
  • Jeep safari
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

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