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This Namibia Safari Camp, at Skeleton Coast, is noted as the most isolated and remote resort in southern Africa. It is located at the furthest point in the north-west of Namibia and is positioned on the banks of the Kunene River in the Hartmann’s Valley.

Namibia Safari Camp is inland from the Atlantic Ocean and the Skeleton Coast. Because of its location, the Namibia Safari Camp gets the cool winds that blow in from the Atlantic, which help to keep the camp cool, even in those warm summer months.

The Namibia Safari Camp is an ideal resort for anyone who loves wild places and outdoor adventures. Travelers will traverse over red desert landscapes and see desert wildlife. The region is foremost inhabited by indigenous peoples (Himba), who are semi-nomadic, pastoral people. The native group, the Ovahimba, occupies the area nearby the Namibia Safari Camp and individuals visit the resort. They allow travelers to learn about their lifestyles and traditions. Travelers can visit a nearby Himba village, as well.

The Namibia Safari Camp locale is serene, natural and the abodes were inspired by the rustic landscape and  boast touches of elegant designs and decor. Namibia Safari Camp is made up of seven wooden, thatch chalets. The lodges have verandas and are perched alongside the river. The resort seamlessly blends into the environment. Each lodge is complemented by its own bathroom. There are dining facilities inside and outside, a bar, ceiling fans, a library, a shop, and a swimming pool.

On safaris, travelers can explore the barren landscape and the Hartmann Valley, which is home to herds of springbok, flock of ostriches, there is even leopard. Travelers can traverse sand dunes in 4×4 safaris and boat on the Kunene River and observe Kunene crocodile as they bask along the riverbanks. The Kunene River boating expedition travels along scenic routes curved out of the landscape. Nature tours and walking excursions take explorers through secluded mountain and valleys.

Wilderness Safaris, who manages the Camp is delighted to announce that it has won the PURE Award for Conservation and Sustainability for its pioneering Botswana Rhino Conservation Project at the PURE Life Experiences Awards ceremony held in Marrakesh last night (9 November 2015).

"We are honoured to receive such esteemed recognition for our 17-year ongoing commitment to rhino conservation and for our efforts over the past 12 months which resulted in the largest ever cross-border translocation of Critically Endangered black rhino ever undertaken. This Award is particularly meaningful to us as it represents the opinion of our valued network of travel trade partners who play a vital role in the work that we do", said Chief Sales Officer, Dave Bennett.

Without the wilderness – there is no Wilderness.

The Conservation C is divided into two elements:

Environmental Management Systems deals with how we build and manage our camps in the most eco-friendly way possible to ensure that we have the lowest possible carbon footprint. Read more details about this in: How we build our camps:

Wilderness Safaris adheres to the increasingly accepted view that the growing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases are driving the global warming phenomenon. It is clear that everyone has a responsibility to respond to this challenge.

Wilderness Safaris: People are the heart of our business. We believe in honest, mutually beneficial and dignified relationships with our rural community partners in ways that deliver a meaningful and life-changing share of the proceeds of responsible ecotourism to all stakeholders. Our mechanisms include community-centric employment, joint ventures, education and training, social and health benefits, capacity-building and infrastructure development.

Community is divided into two elements:

The Internal Community is our staff, which we call 'the Wilderness Tribe.' They are the interface between our company and our guests – as well as other stakeholders – and so they are fundamental to our operations. We strive to ensure that they are fulfilled, rewarded and act as valued ambassadors of the company.

Staff and guide training is a vital part of our operation. Through regional training programmes, we provide local people with the skills to become some of the best guides and managers in the African tourist industry. These guide and management training programmes are entirely self-funded and take up large amounts of time and money, coupled with energy and input from dedicated guides, naturalists and managers who share their knowledge with the next generation of staff.

Our innovative HIV/AIDS programme, formally implemented with the assistance of primary health care and HIV specialist Dr Clive Evian in 2003, has built a solid foundation over the past 12 years. Its stated aim is: "The removal of the stigma and mystery of HIV/AIDS, the creation of a safe, unprejudiced environment and the testing and treatment of all infected and affected members of the Wilderness community." Find out more here:

The External Community comprises our neighbours, the rural communities that either own the land on which we operate or live adjacent to these areas. We aim to engage with these communities in an honest, mutually beneficial and dignified manner. (Many of our staff are drawn from these communities and thus form part of both Internal and External Communities.) Wherever possible, we offer visits to local villages and various cultural experiences in the communities adjacent to the wild areas in which we operate. Read more about these activities:

Our Children in the Wilderness programme, our pride and joy, is part of our Community vertical. Every year, some of our camps are closed to paying guests while we host underprivileged children from neighbouring communities. The week-long programme, combining wildlife conservation, environmental awareness, health and education, helps to foster a greater understanding and appreciation of the wildlife and natural heritage of African youth. For more information on this great initiative, check out the PDF ( or go to

Pack for a Purpose was started by a Wilderness Safaris guest who saw an incredible opportunity to make a difference to the lives of children around the world. The goal of Pack for a Purpose is to assist travellers to make a meaningful contribution to the communities they visit by supplying lists in order to meet the needs of children in specific areas of the world. These lists are provided directly by the local community-based projects that will receive them. There are a number of Wilderness community projects listed on the website. By searching the destination you are travelling to, you can ascertain what the community projects are and how you can assist. Pack for a Purpose qualifies as a charitable organisation under code section 501(c)(3). All contributions to Pack for a Purpose are fully deductible. Read here ( for more information.

Culture and Community News For the past five years, we have been compiling a Community and Culture Newsletter which has included news from all the regions relating to community engagements, projects, staff training, team building and the like. The newsletter has grown from strength to strength and is now available via our blog ( on a monthly basis. These newsletters offer an excellent opportunity to share experiences, learn from other regions and document all community projects and engagements.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Bird-watching
  • Boating
  • Dining
  • Jeep safari
  • Lake/river
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

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