Lake Atitlan: GUATEMALA

Bedroom(s): 7  Locale: Mayan Village. Volcanic Peak. Lake

price $273 - 527 /night

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The slogan for this Guatemala Eco Resort is “Nature is the New Luxury”. This avowal is true in every sense of the words. The resort is perched lakefront on the legendary Lake Atitlan and is exclusively nestled in its own nature reserve. To get to the Guatemala Eco Resort travel is by boat across the lake.

A world of Mayan cultures and portals, the domain comprising the Guatemala Eco Resort is in a privileged and nature-filled setting. The hotel chic amenities and sweeping vista views, over the azure waters, to a trio of dramatic volcanoes portrays some fine characteristics of the Guatemala Eco Resort.

The décor of the suites is inspired by nature. These are created from volcanic stone, adobe and palm. The spacious lakeside accommodations are individually appointed with comfortable hand hewn king beds, fine linens, intricate woven textiles and indigenous antiques.

During evening time, the award winning Zotz restaurant at the Guatemala Eco Resort is bathed in golden hues from a large stone fireplace and antique candelabras, a romantic ambiance for a fine dining experience.

Plant Based Cuisine
Zotz restaurant serves vegetarian and vegan cuisine. Produce is predominantly local, natural, wild crafted and organic. Artisan cheeses, free range eggs, local tofu and the lodge’s fresh produce feature in the menu.

After embarking on nature tours and adventures, you can enjoy a dip in the hot river rock spa pool and be pampered with a relaxing body treatment offered at the Hummingbird spa. You can relax at the lava bar or lakeside pavilion and watch the surreal sunset turn into a star studded night. The Mayan highlands are rich in culture and the indigenous staff at the Guatemala Eco Resort looks forward to offering you a unique and memorable experience! – Utz Ipetik! Welcome!


Where the limit is nature’s imagination. Come and explore this nature paradise.

This beautiful and mountainous land begins at the lake front of the lodge and sprawls behind the resort to escarpments and high altitude tropical dry forest. The Guatemala Eco Resort is the gateway to 100 acres of safe walking on this bio diverse land. Situated in Tzantizotz which in local Kaqchikel is Point of Bats, it begins at the lakes edge at 1,565m (5135ft).

The mission of the eco resort is to protect and respect assets of nature and culture by sustainable tourism.

This is done by:

  • Contributing to the ecological legacy of Guatemala and embrace environmental stewardship.
  • Integrating sustainable, environmental and socially responsible business practices.
  • Contributing to and protect the cultural and biological diversity of this area.
  • Mitigating our effect on global warming.
  • Providing a low volume authentic luxury eco-lodge.
  • Motivating and inspiring a better understanding that collective food choices have a major impact on environment.
  • Promoting sustainable tourism to our location to benefit our local community.
  • Evaluating the present to plan our future in the forefront of the ecological movement.
  • Inspiring a more sustainable, healthier and peaceful lifestyle.
  • Reducing pollution and conserve and replenish resources.
  • Reducing suffering and poverty.
Energy Conservation

Using renewable energy 180 solar panels producing 20 kW of power. Energy saving led and compact fluorescent/low wattage bulbs, solar garden lights, solar security lights. Solar hot water heating. Natural lighting through large windows. Wifi is provided by a solar powered tower on top of the lodge's nature reserve. Fireplace is fueled with naturally fallen brush wood found on the reserve. Natural ventilation through air flow from large opening windows, high ceilings and natural building materials. Solar pump for water supply. Natural gas stoves and dryer. Pressure cookers. Growing organic produce and purchase locally. Clocks are water powered. Sheets are sun dried when possible. Lawns cut with manual mowers. Batteries are rechargeable. Sports activities are low impact. Boats use efficient 4 stroke motors. Employees arrive by foot or public boat. The lodge provides an electric golf car in Santa Cruz for staff use.

Water Conservation

Rainy season planting. Watering in the early morning or late afternoon. Landscaped with edible plants, bananas, papayas, coffee and large hardy succulents. Grey water goes to the garden. Rain water is collected in rainy season. Sheets and towels are changed every three days unless otherwise requested. Water pressure reduction for water saving. Toilets set at low water levels with half flush option. Low flow shower heads. Rain and lake water is cleansed through filters, ultra violet light and reverse osmosis.

Waste Management

Reusable bags, wooden and cardboard boxes are used to bring supplies. Bulk buying and emphasis on fresh un-packaged produce. Food waste is composted for the produce garden. Plastics, paper, metal and glass is taken to re-cycling centers. Non recyclable waste is buried on our land to prevent burning in municipal dumps. Used engine oil and cooking oils go to a bio-diesel project. Lodge staff collect rubbish along the lake shore. Printing is reduced and scrap paper used on both sides. Staff instruction on reduce, reuse, recycle techniques. Refillable dispensers and containers. Water bottles may be refilled with purified water. Complimentary filtered water provided in rooms and restaurant. Seedlings grown in reused cardboard containers. Wash plastic bins rather than use plastic liners. Bulk purchasing to reduce packaging.

Chemical Reduction

Non toxic biodegradable phosphate and chlorine free detergents and natural cleaning agents are used throughout the lodge. Smoke and fragrance free rooms, unscented candles. Natural and organic toiletries and spa range. Bathroom tissue is unbleached. Towels and flannels are unbleached. Unbleached paper used for printing and writing. Linseed oil and water based varnish used for wood preservation. Finishing materials are low/zero voc and are lead free. Pool is cleansed with salt silver,copper and ultra violet filter. Landscaping and organic food production using natural insecticides, mulch and compost. Natural foods without preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial colors or flavors are served. Insect control screens in food preparation areas. Natural fruit extract control. Relocation of larger insects and animals.

Natural, Renewable and Recycled Materials

Locally produced unbleached cotton towels, handwoven local wool blankets, hypoallergenic bedding and pillows. Hand blown recycled glass and stoneware. Bamboo table mats. Stainless steel kitchen utensils, appliances and equipment. Individual cotton hand towels in restaurant bathroom. Reduced use of paper napkins in favor of hand woven local cloth napkins. Paper is from recycled sources. Electronic mail and white boards for daily information. Local fabrics woven by hand feature through out the lodge. Hand made adobe blocks are made at the lodge gardens, and smooth clay used for wall finishing. Trees cut on lodge land are fast growing cypress and replanted, all wood is from sustainable forestry. Recycled wood, railway sleepers and reclaimed lumber. Stones washed down in a flood were purchased to help clear a disaster area. Local wood fired bricks, tiles and slate. Palm and bamboo are from sustainable plantations on the pacific coast. Local reed mats and cane. Recycled glass and local ceramics. Indigenous antiques.


Boats run on energy efficient 4 stroke motors. Most employees walk 15 minutes from the local village located on a mountain side in the next bay. Goods are purchased locally. Organic vegetables and eggs delivered on foot.

At the resort, we employ 100% indigenous Kaqchikel staff of which more than 50% are women.

Employee Education

We provide long term employment with opportunities for personal and professional development in the fields of construction, organic gardening, reserve management, managerial, secretarial, culinary and other services within the hotel. Staff receive information on ecologically sustainable concepts and visit the nature interpretation room. Notices are posted in staff areas as reminders to reduce-reuse-recycle. We arrange for health professionals and teachers to give English lessons and talks on topics such as dental hygiene, managing finances and family planning.

Guest Education

Guests may visit the nature interpretation room. Room manuals have our mission/action statements and explain our conservation and energy saving measures that guests may participate in. Suites have reading books on Lake Atitlan its geography, culture, history and ecology. These books may be purchased. DVD’s on sustainability and nature are available for watching. Guests may plant a tree from our nursery. On request our gardener will show how adobe blocks are made. Guides are available to provide an interpretative experience on the nature reserve and cultural and sustainability tours. A Zotz Restaurant Vegan and Vegetarian recipe book is being written and will be available on-line shortly.

Carbon Offset

Native trees are seeded in our nursery and planted on the reserve in green season. Planting of trees as a means of carbon off-set is available for guests and visitors to lower their carbon footprint.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Bird-watching
  • Boating
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Car-free zone
  • Dining
  • Lake/river
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Ocean
  • Rainforest
  • Spa treatments
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

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