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Bedroom(s): 41  Locale: Lapland Wilderness. Arctic Sea. Urho Kekkonen National Park

price $514 - 953 /night

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At this Finland Glass Igloo Hotel (Finnish Arctic Resort), you can book the glass igloos to stay in and watch the Northern Lights (Auroras boreales).

The Finland Glass Igloo Hotel is set in the Lapland right on the edge of pristine Finnish wilderness. Indeed, this innovative Arctic resort is off the beaten path but by no mean will you be roughing it.

Holiday is such a short period that you probably want to get all the fun out of your special days. That’s why we have designed our place in a way that allows you to enjoy Lapland’s nature and culture comprehensively starting from personal accommodation.


Admire the northern lights and the twinkling of the bright starry sky in one of our glass igloos – either with a group of friends, or snuggled up romantically with your loved one. The two-person igloos include a toilet and the option of an extra bed. Saunas and showers are available in separate buildings. The four-person igloos include their own toilet and shower. The glass igloos at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel are available to book all through the northern lights season, beginning from around 20 August until the end of April.


NEW! Our newly built Kelo-Glass igloos combine the comforting warmth of our cosy log cabins with the sensational views of our world-famous glass igloos. Sleeping up to six and featuring a private sauna, fireplace, kitchenette, and a bedroom with a stunning glass roof, they’re made from Lapland’s unique Kelo pinewood. Take in the enchanting beauty of the northern lights and the Lappish wilderness from the comfort of your own private hideaway at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel.


The log cabins at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel are for one to ten people and made of impressively large kelo pines – trees that once stood dead and dried out – and designed in a rugged style that fits perfectly with their wild surroundings. While you won’t find widescreen TVs or dishwashers inside, you can enjoy even better sources of entertainment in every cabin – a fireplace and a sauna.


A night in one of our snow igloos is an unforgettable experience. Rarely does anyone get the chance to sleep as cozily as they do in an ice-cool igloo that shields them from even the faintest outside noise. Even if the mercury dips to minus 40 degrees centigrade outside, the temperature inside is a consistent minus three to minus six. We’ll provide everything you need for a cool, comfortable night in, such as a down sleeping bag.


For lovebirds travelling together, we have a truly classy suite. The spacious 60 m2 log cabin made of kelo wood features a great bathroom with conveniences like a bath tub and sauna. On the terrace, there’s an outdoor Jacuzzi for relaxing bathing whatever the season.


Earth lodges (kammi in Finnish) have been used as residences in Finland since ancient times. Their turf roofs conceal them in the landscape, as if forest trolls had built them. It’s hard to imagine a more appropriate love nest – the earth lodge at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel is the perfect hideout. And why rush out? After all, you do have a sauna and a great bathroom with bathtub all to yourselves.


In the almost century-old traditional house, you can immerse yourself in the authentic Lapland lifestyle of old. The hectic, modern rat race will feel like a distant memory as you rock comfortably in the rocking chair. The log house sleeps two people. And, naturally, it features a sauna as well.


The largest cabin at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel, Sivakka sleeps up to ten people, so there’s easily enough room for a larger family or team of colleagues. There’s a large living room, three bedrooms, a kitchen, a separate fireplace room, and a sauna.


When you stay at the Santa’s Home at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel, you have the opportunity to stay in the most sacred place in the northern hemisphere. Always the generous host, Santa will gladly give up his home – and even his very own bedroom – for guests to enjoy. Just make sure to behave yourselves and be nice.


How about staying on the banks of the golden river, in peace and quiet? These idyllic cabins at the Finland Glass Igloo Hotel have their own sauna, and in the front yard you’ll find a kick sled. This traditional Finnish winter runabout will get you to the restaurant or activity sites in no time.

At our Finland Glass Igloo Hotel (Finnish Arctic Resort), we have high respect for the environmental, natural land, and local wildlife

Set at an ecological area next to the Urho Kekkonen National Park, the resort boasts a low impact arctic design in the wilderness.

The log cabins, igloos, and structures are constructed using environmentally-friendly materials such as dead or dying trees (cabins) and sustainable thermo glass for the igloos. The compact design of the igloos allows them to be heated efficiently.

The accommodations (cabins, house) were inspired by traditional Finnish methods, and blend in with the natural environment.

We offer a number of nature base activities in both the winter and summer, these include cross-country skiing, reindeer safaris, ice fishing, mid night sun spotting, hiking, mountain biking, and chasing the northern lights.

The Finland Glass Igloo Hotel (Finnish Arctic Resort) is located in a territory where the Sami people once dominated. We respect the legacy and cultures of the local peoples.

The Sami is an indigenous people of the Lapland. Sami’s culture, language, traditional clothing, handicraft and music are distinctively different from other ethnic groups in Scandinavia. They are few in numbers. Sami’s culture is a true gem of Northern Lapland. The group is a Samoyed tribe, who once arrived from the East. Originally they had no racial or linguistic relationship to Finns, though over the years the two cultures have mixed with each other.

Reindeers are still fundamental to the Sami culture and society, even though nowadays a majority of the Sami population pursue other careers. However, most Samis have a family member or a relative who in some way are involved with in reindeer herding.

Sami culture is still distinctly visible in everyday’s life in Lapland. Today you can still hear someone speaking a Sami language in Lapland or wearing part of the traditional clothes or jewelry. The traditional Sami singing joiku can still be heard on many occasions. Even traffic signs in Lapland are duplicated in Sami.

Lapland is a vast geographical area laying in the northern most part of the Scandinavia spreading to the area of the four different countries: Finland, Russia, Norway and Sweden. It is the magnificent land of fells, reindeers and Northern Lights.

The population density in Lapland is about two persons/km2, which means that most parts of the Lapland are untouched wilderness. Finnish Lapland is 98 937 km2 large, representing 30% of Finland’s total land area. Of this area 93 057 km2 is land and the rest is water. The highest peak of Lapland is Halti 1328m.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Car-free zone
  • Dining
  • Nature tour
  • Skiing
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife

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