Granada Isleta: NICARAGUA

Bedroom(s): 9 Casitas/Chalets  Locale: Private Island. Forest. Ocean

price $400 - 850 /night

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Ecolodge Nicaragua (Jicaro) is a top nature eco resort. It is located on a private island in the Granada Isletas of Lake Nicaragua. One of Nicaragua’s most notable hotels, Ecolodge Nicaragua is located just a short boat ride from the colonial town of Granada with spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano across the lake.

At Ecolodge Nicaragua, nine private luxury casitas/chalets provide the perfect setting for romantic escapes, honeymoons, wildlife and nature tours, as well as wellness and yoga retreats. We invite you to come and immerse yourself in a magical island experience filled with peace and tranquility.

At the resort, you can stay in your own luxury two storey house, a ‘casita’, raised up above the ground like a treehouse. The island accommodations all have lake views and are only a short walk from the pool, restaurant, and wellness center. You can relax in the private space of your chalet with its views of Lake Nicaragua or join other guests in the communal areas. The abodes are two stories. There is a private bedroom with a king size bed on the second floor. On the first floor, a spacious living area connects to an outside deck overlooking the lake. The structures and the furniture are made locally from Rainforest Alliance certified wood. Most notably, the oversized hammock and comfy furniture of the deck will invite you to relax and feel the peace of this magical lake. Early morning coffee and late afternoon ‘sundowner’ delivery service is available upon request.

The ecolodge is part of the Cayuga Collection of Sustainable Luxury Hotels and Lodges in Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The chalets distinctive character came about through the combination of the local materials used and the unique vision of architect Michael Falkner. All the buildings at Ecolodge Nicaragua blend into the natural environment helping to promote a sense of tranquility. Mature trees and natural forms of the island were preserved when building began so the houses feel like part of the island.

Each chalet is raised above the ground so as not to disturb the natural form of the island so the feeling is like living in a treehouse suspended amongst the foliage of the islands many trees. Cross ventilation plus ceiling fans and shade from the trees keep the buildings cool without the need for air conditioning; keeping you cool without warming the planet.



Harmony with nature and the local community were a key consideration in the development of the lodge. The hotel was built with minimum impact to the island and with very careful planning in terms of water supply, waste water treatment and electricity usage. The team in charge of the management of the resort has a 12 year track record running ecolodges and sustainable hotels in Costa Rica and has brought this accumulated know how to Nicaragua.

Just a few examples of how the hotel is sustainable:

  • Water is filtered for drinking, so no plastic bottles going to landfill.
  • Water is heated with solar panels for guest and kitchen use.
  • No air conditioning is installed on the island. Cross ventilation and ceiling fans create enough of a cooling effect to ensure guest comfort.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. While there is a strong recycling program installed, the focus due to the island location is on reducing. Bring as little trash to the island as possible.
  • Wastewater is treated on the island with a treatment plant complying not only with Nicaraguan but internationally accepted standards.
  • Hiring of a local staff is essential to the success of the lodge. We want to spread the potential wealth that tourism brings to Nicaragua by hiring locals as employees, subcontracting services locally and buying and producing locally.Help Us Give Back
  • Use of organic and biodegradable soaps, cleaning detergents and spa products.
  • Chlorine free systems to clean water in the pool.
  • Energy efficient lighting and illumination throughout the island.
  • Underground electricity system that does not interfere with the surrounding wildlife.
  • Low energy bulbs.
  • Education of local communities in sustainable practices.

The ecolodge was built on the premise of sustainability. When translated into our daily work, sustainability means that we always try to minimize the environmental impact of our daily operations, while actively contributing to the local community.

Through our sustainability activities, we aim to improve the lives of our neighbors and help them realize a more vibrant future. In order to insure the sustainability of our initiatives, we provide training and education to the communities who are charged with caring for the new infrastructure. Further, we ensure that sufficient funds are maintained in a reserve account in order to provide the maintenance and repair of any new equipment. The lodge is currently focused on two main initiatives centered on education and sustainable food.

In collaboration with US-based 501c3 Earth Equilibrium, the lodge has developed a community-based outreach program focused on the support and implementation of educational projects that encourage sustainable community development.

Padre Nello School is located just a short boat ride away from the resort on the mainland shores of Lake Nicaragua. Approximately 88 children attend Padre Nello School every day, Monday through Friday, from 7:00am until noon. The school has just 4 classrooms: one which is used for kindergarten and the other three for elementary education. Each classroom is used to instruct two different grade levels simultaneously by one teacher.
One of the primary challenges to providing clean water at Padre Nello is the fact that the school does not have access to any form of commercial energy service. Therefore, the goal of our water filtration project is to introduce a clean technology which utilizes energy generated by solar panels.

In addition to providing energy for the new water filtration system, the solar panels will also power a small network of lights and outlets the classrooms as well as the community health center! Not only will this project facilitate classroom instruction, but also the ability for medical professionals to operate vital equipment needed during medical exams. This project has been exclusively funded through the generous donations of our ecolodge guests!
The water filtration project was created out of necessity for safe drinking water for the children who attend Padre Nello School. There is currently no access to clean drinking water at the school, so children and teachers are forced to use lake water for all of their daily activities.

Once installation is completed, the water filtration system will benefit not only the children and teachers at the school, but also the approximately 600 people living in the surrounding community! People in this community currently rely almost exclusively on expensive bottled water for their daily consumption, so this project will have significant broad-ranging impacts for Las Isletas.

This project has been exclusively funded through the generous donations of our ecolodge guests! If you want to support with this community project you can do it by delivering your donation during your check out in Front Desk or alternatively online via the Earth Equilibrium website. The Community will thank you, your contribution will be part of the change in their lives.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Bird-watching
  • Boating
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Dining
  • Nature tour
  • Ocean
  • Rainforest
  • Spa treatments
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife
  • Yoga

Available Rooms

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