Cariboo region, British Columbia: CANADA

Bedroom(s): 6  Locale: Wilderness. Lake

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British Columbia Dude Ranch. Luxury Wilderness Resort in the Heartland of the Province.

By Nature, this remote resort is small, personal and sophisticated; beckoning to the world’s most discerning, active travellers who seek freedom, authentic adventure, and life-enriching experiences.

The British Columbia Dude Ranch is a private hideaway retreat in cowboy country. It is one of Canada’s top luxury wilderness lodges and a genuine family-owned guest ranch. Ranking among North America’s finest, the place is legendary for horseback riding, 5-star wilderness adventures, pasture-to-plate cuisine, and lavish safari-inspired tents. We specialize in high energy family holidays, romantic adventure vacations for couples, and small, exclusive corporate retreats—meticulously orchestrated within a natural, peaceful paradise.

Amid the world’s high-end resorts and ranches, the British Columbia Dude Ranch is the wild card, resplendent as a rare, rough-cut gem—with unpretentious, yet charming and lovingly-tended facilities; 80,000 acres of raw wilderness; and an honest, home-spun collection of adventures that are educational in Nature and crafted with exquisite attention to detail. All delivered very personally, from the heart, by hands-on owner/hosts and a staff striving for excellence. This is true Siwash synergy—the creation of a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts—a refreshingly unique vacation destination for those who travel beyond the ordinary!

Here, off-the-beaten path in the southern interior of British Columbia, we invite you to unplug, unwind, and re-connect with Nature and your loved ones. At the British Columbia Dude Ranch, we offer you one of the world’s premier guest ranch vacations where wildlife thrives amid an untamed Cascadian landscape; rolling grasslands, old-growth forests, secluded lakes, and river canyons. Our eco-friendly setting provides an oasis of wilderness solitude, filled with inspirational moments for adventurous people seeking the finer things in life—and for those eager to indulge by way of life’s true luxuries: the riches of experience.

The ranch is an ideal, halfway stop along the way for those on tour of British Columbia between the Rocky Mountains and BC’s Pacific Coast. And for those wishing to relax and rejuvenate with a longer, destination stay our luxury dude ranch offers the dynamic family, couple, or small corporate group, a world-class resort for active adventures…

Ranch House at British Columbia Dude Ranch

In our genuine Siwash ranch house we have spacious guest accommodations with beautiful lake and wilderness views for you to choose from. Each suite is different and decorated with great attention to detail—in complete synergy with the best of wilderness living.

Cariboo Suite at British Columbia Dude Ranch

The private and luxurious Cariboo Suite is located a short walk from the ranch house, in the lovingly renovated loft of our hand-hewn log barn. It features two rooms and a 4-piece en-suite bathroom.

Cariboo Suite at British Columbia Dude Ranch

This is the ultimate wilderness adventure… Located on the Ridge at Siwash and nestled amid a forest of Douglas fir, a private enclave of canvas cabin tents awaits, complete with en-suite bathrooms and expansive sundecks that offer spectacular views of the lake, ranch house and meadows.

Dining at British Columbia Dude Ranch

At Siwash Lake Ranch, your experience with food and wine will be well beyond what you would expect while dining in the wilderness.

Eating food grown on site or foraged from the nearby meadows and forest is at the heart of every Siwash menu. Respect for the sustainable production, harvest and preparation of these ingredients is always at the forefront of Chef’s mind.

Taking care of the land is not just a theme here, it’s our guiding philosophy. Since we purchased this pristine piece of wilderness over twenty years ago, it has been our mantra to stay in harmony with the surrounding environment. While crafting our world-class eco-resort and luxury guest ranch we've always focused first on striving to be true stewards of the land.

At Siwash Lake Ranch, we care immensely about the environment as much as we take great care of our guests. You'll sense a delightful synergy with nature while you are here and you’ll appreciate the peace and calm that Siwash exudes.

All whom visit this unique eco-resort are in awe at living so close to Nature, which invigorates the mind, body and spirit in extraordinary ways. Such gifts are a privilege in today’s world, and are why everyone at Siwash sees themselves as caretakers of the land.

We take our responsibility seriously because we know that in return, the land will continue to nurture all those who visit for generations to come.

Siwash was the first luxury wilderness resort in Canada to become certified with the highest rating possible for sustainability with the Hotel Association of Canada Green Key Program, and is the only guest ranch in Canada to have been approved and inspected by Green Tourism Canada—with a Gold Certification.

We truly walk the talk. We are proud of our operation and believe it's important to be honest and completely transparent in addressing sustainability.

Please enjoy reading through all the information in this section of the website, which explains in great detail how we are committed to taking care of both people and the planet. Nature is our Goddess, and the wilderness our Cathedral!

Our Land Stewardship Initiatives.

  • Retain high water levels in Siwash Lake and its surrounding wetlands with dam structures - project already completed with Duck’s Unlimited – to help maintain high water levels and enhance the riparian areas of our wetlands for habitat.
  • Retain temporary wetlands and small spring ponds to provide important early spring breeding habitat for wildlife.
  • Protect vegetative buffers adjacent to riparian areas.
  • Maintain riparian vegetation (trees, shrubs and forages) with movable solar powered electric fencing or permanent fencing to provide breeding, feeding, nesting, travel corridors and cover for bird species and wildlife.
  • Maintain nesting boxes that are positioned around the lake.
  • Position winter feeding of livestock to minimize manure run-off.
  • Delay grazing of grassed waterways and other wet areas and buffer zones until mid-July when bird nesting is usually near completion.
  • Monitor species counts and water levels as indicators to the health of our wetlands.
  • Decrease or eliminate pasture irrigation during low water years and in periods of drought.
  • Monitor for invasive plant species
  • Use solar powered aeration on the lake to help maintain/increase oxygen levels and thereby enhance habitat for aquatic life.
  • Monitor for any new threats (i.e. clear cut logging or mining reconnaissance, poaching, unattended campfires, lightening strikes).
  • Involve our guests in this program by providing education and by encouraging them to physically participate in our land stewardship projects through structured activities included in their itineraries.
  • Consult with First Nations, Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Mines, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, our neighbours, the community in general and the overlapping land tenure holders to mitigate any environmental impacts or conflicts of use that we or they may have upon the land surrounding the ranch.

It is our mission to share the Siwash experience with sophisticated travellers from around the world by offering unique, all-inclusive ranch vacations that feature nature-based adventure, luxury accommodation, fine cuisine, and first-class service… a soul-pleasing blend of the rustic and the refined, all delivered in style with a smile. In the process, we shall continue developing a dude ranch that’s in complete harmony with the surrounding wilderness and we shall promote stewardship of the land, freedom of spirit, personal growth, and an appreciation for family and the finer things in life.

Community Involvement.

SLR guidelines and procedures for sustainability are:

  • Addressed in our operations manual
  • A key component of the SLR Mission statement
  • Taught during staff training
  • Taught via guest education & activities
  • Promoted via marketing and the media
  • Practiced and adhered to daily throughout the operation
  • Evident in the great care we take to preserve the history and integrity of the ranch site and the regional culture
  • Supported by recruiting and training a cross generation, multi-cultural staff that is drawn from a wide variety of sources, both local and international, including young people starting out and retired professionals—empowering them to become a team of multi-talented, multi-tasking ambassadors for environmentally responsible living close to nature

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Agritourism
  • Airport transfer
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Child-safe
  • Dining
  • Farm
  • Helicopter/aerial tour
  • Lake/river
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Rainforest
  • Ranch
  • Staff
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • Yoga

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