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This Bali Healing Retreat is sited in one of the region’s most peaceful and healing sanctuaries. It was created to share powerful Balinese and Asian healing traditions, raw vegan living foods and mind-body sacred arts. And designed it was to encourage guests to explore ‘The Healing Island’ of Bali.

In Denpasar, the natural beauty of the sacred land that Fivelements occupies, just 10km from the mountain town of Ubud, is full of healing energy. The Bali Healing Retreat is centered around a holy spring that marks the intersection of eight major energy lines. Six Sacred Spaces within the retreat’s grounds used for blessing ceremonies, celebrations, peace dialogue and private meditation are especially conducive to finding emotional and spiritual peace.

Within this unique space, the exceptional facilities that make up each guests’ Balinese home have been designed to complement this incredible energy. With a strong focus on eco-credentials, the nature-influenced architecture provides the most propitious surroundings for transformational healing.

Facilities at the Bali Healing Retreat

At its core, the retreat’s thatched Sakti Dining Room TM is designed to echo the shape of a banana leaf, the Balinese symbol of food. With a lotus pond on one side and the Ayung River the other, it is a truly auspicious place to eat, drink healing juices, and gather for health coaching, cooking and other workshops.

At the center of the Bali Healing Retreat are three gathering places, Mandala Agung and the two
smaller Mandalas Alit and Madya. Workshops, classes and all kinds of development and learning take place in these inspirational buildings.

Further along the river in peaceful seclusion, nine suites bask in Bali’s tropical beauty, and in the crook of the river, the Healing and Beauty Sanctuary is where all treatments are taken. A large lap pool for leisure, fitness and relaxation overlooks the Ayung River, with massage jets, underwater music and chromotherapy. There is also a Watsu pool.

Laboratorium at the Bali Healing Retreat

The brains behind the beauty of the retreat, a team create and develop beauty, skincare and usada (herbal remedy) products designed to complement the therapies, while harnessing the very best of Bali’s natural plant life.

Suites at the Bali Healing Retreat

There are just nine suites at Fivelements, ensuring each guest the most tranquil and personalized stay. Designed to echo Mother Nature’s finest designs, sacred spirals and organic leaves decorate the interiors, bringing the magic of the outside in. Two Waterfall suites, two Bidadari suites and the five suites named after the elements, Pertiwi (earth), Apah (water), Teja (fire), Bayu (Air) and Akasa (ether) all feature soaring grass-roofed ceilings, white curtains wafting in the fresh river breeze and recycled timber underfoot.

As if bringing a traditional Balinese painting to life, the suites’ views are of the sacred Ayung River, mist rising from its surface in the early morning in front of the green tapestry of forested hillside opposite. Sitting on the veranda absorbing the sights and sounds of the river, the birds and the breeze, is all part of the healing process. Inside, the rooms bring environmental philosophy and Asian luxury together, with generous teakwood beds draped charmingly with mosquito nets, numerous fascinating local antiques throughout, and soft furnishings in the lounge using traditional handwoven songket and ikat wedding and royal ceremony textiles. (Guests will also find air-conditioning, iPod docks and Wi-Fi.)

Taking advantage of Bali’s tropical climate, the indoor/outdoor bathroom’s at the Bali Healing Retreat highlight the huge open-air tub carved out of a stone boulder, bathed in seven-chakra chromotherapy lighting. There is also an alfresco sky shower, with Fivelements’ signature botanical essence amenities, each fragrant reminders of Bali’s rich flora.

Built in 2010 by Arte Architect & associates, Fivelements has won the 2011 Highly Commended Spa Hotel in Indonesia award. The architecture represents a synthesis between eco-consciousness and luxury: wooden structures, dark hardwood floors and pure white bedding. The design team has carefully adapted the site to its new use with minimum disturbance to pre-existing natural systems, ecologies and aesthetics. Any disturbances that have occurred during construction will be offset by positive action in other locations.

The resort, Bali Healing Retreat, has been built using mainly natural materials including Bamboo, Rattan,

Local stone and Recycled timbers, coconut wood.

  • Electricity used for lighting has been reduced by 95% through use of extraefficient LED technology.
  • Its private pavilions (suites) are made out of bamboo and recycled materials.
  • All buildings have been designed to take advantage of passive cooling and thus reduce use of air conditioning.
  • Recycled stormwater and greywater is stored on site for non-potable uses
  • On a daily basis, the staff ensure a true interaction with respecting water resources, land stewardship and spiritual balance, and maintain an open dialogue with our neighbors in the village of Baturning.
  • The retreat’s staff team is mostly Balinese, and over half of them live in the surrounding villages.

Net Positive Impact

Our intention is to move our operations beyond the sustainability of Green Building and into the realm of Regenerative Design. In concept, this means that synergies between elements in our operations and those of partner organizations will create self-sustaining positive impacts on the world around us. We begin this process by seeking appropriate Green Building certification for all of our infrastructure projects. Once our infrastructure is in place we strive to measure the overall impact of our operations and to offset any negative impact through equally measured efforts with partners. Future offsetting projects will include tree planting to offset energy and material use and support of third party managed social campaigns.

Our current efforts are focused on measuring our impacts in the following categories:

  • Site Sensitivity and Natural Habitat
  • Water
  • Energy
  • Materials
  • Waste
  • Indoor Environmental Quality
Within these categories we are committed to:

Site Sensitivity and Natural Habitat

  • Research natural history of all properties during the design process
  • Adhere to local laws and customs
  • Preserve a minimum of 25% of our properties in garden
  • Support sustainable forms of transport such as bicycles, public transport and electric cars


  • Treat wastewater from all of our properties to international standards on site
  • Offer locally sourced drinking water
  • Recycle rainwater or wastewater on site
  • Use efficient fixtures to reduce overall water use


  • Use high quality and low voltage LEDs to reduce energy use
  • Offer access to fresh air and fans to avoid dependence on air conditioning
  • Monitor Energy Use and adjust operational procedures for efficiency


  • Prioritize natural materials in unprocessed or minimally processed forms
  • Prioritize sustainable materials produced by sustainable managed companies
  • Prioritize local materials in all design efforts


  • Separate waste streams on site
  • Process organic waste on site
  • Recycle non-organic waste with local partners

Indoor Environmental Quality

  • Offer naturally ventilated indoor spaces planted with appropriate air cleaning plants
  • Design for high quality air conditioning within the building envelope
  • Test air quality within the building envelope yearly in all of our properties

At our Bali Healing Retreat "Fivelements", we envision sanctuaries for learning to love and respect life. We realize this mission by creating opportunities for awareness and nurturing supportive relationships that evolve from this awareness. It is our belief that, when we first focus our attention on our personal wellness, positive transformation becomes possible through engagement with the wider communities that surround us.

Our Approach

We strive to first respect, then to study, and finally to understand all of the variable influences on our lives and daily activities. Only once this process is undertaken can we respond in collaborative creativity. Though this can be a seemingly insurmountable task, Balinese philosophies point us in the right direction, international best practices help to iron out the details, and certification schemes support us to polish up the final product. Taking a hint from the Balinese concept of Tri Hita Karana, we have organized our approach into “3 pillars of Wellness”:

Personal Wellness

The Balinese Philosophy of Tri Kaya Parisudha suggests that a clean mind, clean speech, and clean action are keys to approaching life in a balanced manner. Maintaining our personal health including mental, spiritual and physical aspects, is the first step towards supporting positive action in the world around us. At Fivelements, we offer personal Wellness support for our guests, our partners, and our staff alike.

Support begins with our design process and is carried out through our operations, services and the products we offer. From our food, to our treatments, to our accommodations, we produce and curate natural products created sustainably by people who are supported to live healthy lifestyles. We do this with the intention that all of the positive action behind each service or product has a cumulative effect on the end user. Every guest should finish a Fivelements experience so overflowing with love that they can’t help but share some of it with the rest of the world!

Our Personal Wellness efforts are focused by providing services in the following areas:

  • Traditionally inspired body treatments Raw, vegan and vegetarian food
  • Clean water for consumption, play and general enjoyment
  • Fresh air and natural light in indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Engaging activities for fitness and entertainment
  • Beautiful and comfortable accommodations
  • Prayer, meditation, ritual, and educational opportunities

We are currently seeking appropriate certification for our efforts in this area.

Social Harmony

Our Social Policy is one of continuous dialogue through open channels of communication resulting in well-organized and appropriate projects on the ground. We are constantly open to feedback on how we can better interact with and support all of our stakeholders from our immediate neighbors to the global community at large.

Our current program involves efforts in Social Awareness and “on the ground” Social Impact Projects:

  • Fivelements supports knowledge sharing and dialoguing on positive topics through ongoing events on quarterly and yearly schedules.
  • Fivelements is committed to putting its resources into action in at least 2 ongoing social projects per year working with partner communities on Bali and around the world.

We give special consideration to projects that meet the following objectives:

  • Projects which support spiritual and traditional knowledge
  • Projects which promote environmental awareness and healthy outdoor activities
  • Projects which support regenerative use of water supplies and marine habitats
  • Projects which support production of clean healthy foods

Our efforts here are multiplied by work with local partners and partner organizations. Fivelements is committed to continuing to develop relationships with Certification organizations, Social institutions and changemakers around the world.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Biosphere reserve
  • Bird-watching
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Dining
  • Lake/river
  • Nature tour
  • Spa treatments
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • WIFI
  • Wilderness
  • Yoga

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