Pekutatan, Negara: BALI

Bedroom(s): 18 cottages (21 rooms)  Locale: Garden. Beach

price $175 - 290 /night

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The minimum price is based on double occupancy during the low season, while the maximum rate applies to high season or exclusive property use. Please make your enquiry

At the Bali Eco Beach Resort, we have designed, built and furnished your cottage, your suite and your villa to ensure that you feel at home while spending your holiday in a typical Balinese setting. This include traditional, family-type bungalows open onto tropical private gardens with a direct view of the ocean.

When you enter the Bali Eco Beach Resort, on the way to the beach across the equatorial garden, you may be enticed by the main pool and its wading pond, the spa with its relaxing water massages, the restaurant and its delicious regional and international cuisine and the grill with its teppanyaki and Mongolian barbecue.

The features at the Bali Eco Beach Resort should be the keys not only to an invigorating holiday, but also ensuring that you feel well in the atmosphere, thanks to Bali‘s exceptional cultural background – people, religion and nature all blend into such exceptional harmony so as to make your stay on the Island of Gods one of the world’s most exhilarating cultural experiences.

Beach: Pure Sea, Blue and Serene. Tropical Garden: fragrances, scents and colors…

One of the outstanding features of  the Bali Eco Beach Resort is its tropical garden. Built on a very fertile cape planted in the past with coconut and banana trees, the garden is now a treat for your eyes at any time.

Honoured every 210 days in the Balinese tradition, tall and stately coconut trees stand beside colorful frangipani trees, pepper plants, camphor trees, mango trees and other clove trees. Hundreds of delicately scented flowers adorn the paths leading to your cottage, your suite or your villa.

Bali Eco Beach Resort is located on a cape surrounded by two sandy beaches directly accessible from your cottage.

If you like swimming in a safe and natural environment, you will be delighted by the softness and cleanliness of the sea.

If you prefer strolling along the beach you will be astonished by the number of smiling people you will meet: fishermen from the neighboring village, rice farmers with their oxen, lobster hunters able to dive as deep as 20 meters while simply holding their breath…

At low tide, the cape is accessible over a distance of 200 meters and becomes a real paradise for fishermen and children who want to discover the marvelous underwater life.

At only five minutes from the Bali Eco Beach Resort by boat or by car, surf amateurs will discover the famous Medewi surf location which surfing champions from all over the world regularly make their playground.

The Bali Eco Beach Resort is a perfect respect of our natural environment. Though we are pleased to offer our guests the basic assets of higher range hospitality (air conditioning, hot water, high pressure water supply, private fridge, international food), we are concerned with their environmental and climate impacts.

Also, we designed the hotel facilities so as to reduce those impacts partly through individual behaviour:

  • Local treatment of used water by eco-ceramic septic tanks. No output to the sea.
  • Using eco lab products for the cleaning, labeled shampoo and soap
  • No chemicals for the garden
  • All spa oils + made with natural materials
  • Organic vegetables in the kitchen
  • Fresh local sea food bought directly from Pekutatan Village
  • Use the local soft natural water
  • Low consumption lamps
  • Recycling of plastic and carton with the help of the local community
  • On site maintenance of most equipment instead of replacing
  • Paper less and green marketing
  • 4 different types of vehicles to adapt the vehicle size to the exact need of the pass
  • All build from natural + local materials
  • Eco tourism tours

Corporate Social Responsibility at the Bali Eco Beach Resort. In addition to preserving Bali‘s beautiful countryside by reducing the hotel's environmental footprint, we are also concerned by Bali‘s needs in terms of social development.

Among many other things, one major priority remains allowing children to go to school. As such, the lodge supports the Bali Children Foundation (BCF): Its main objective is to provide community education in remote areas of Bali.

Since July 2014, the BCF has increased their number of scholarships to cover the education of approximately 1000 students living across 30 communities and 2 children’s homes.

Ours is a family type run resort, in respect of Bali tradition, culture, and religion.

The lodge is involve with social cooperation with surrounding villages, promotion of local talents and culture.

At the lodge, we abide by Human Resources policy: social protection (health care, retirement), 90% local employee, 100% Bali people, participating management.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Bird-watching
  • Boating
  • Dining
  • Nature tour
  • Ocean
  • Spa treatments
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife
  • Yoga

Available Rooms

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