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Bedroom(s): 20 (Bungalows)  Locale: Amazon Rain-forest

price BRL984 - 3,048 /night

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This Amazon Rainforest Lodge features 20 intimate bungalows seamlessly nestled into the lush surroundings of the jungle.

In order to accommodate the water levels of the wet season (often rising up to 15 meters, or 49 feet), the property was built on stilts upon solid ground resting at treetop level.

Eco-friendly in design and construction, the Amazon Rainforest Lodge uses materials that are native and found abundantly in the region, carefully extracted from the surrounding area. Both the construction and the architectural style of the lodge reflect the techniques employed by Amazon River natives when building their own homes.

Reflecting its environment, the Amazon Rainforest Lodge is rustic yet beautiful, offering guests an optimized blend of authenticity and comfort. The lodge’s footprint is minimalist, yet elegant in concept.

Eight of our bungalows offer views of the surrounding forest while the other 12 are riverfront. All bungalows have private bathrooms, porches with hammocks and ceiling fans ideal for the Amazonian night, which tends to be far cooler than Manaus.


At the Amazon Rainforest Lodge, bungalows overlooking the forest are located between the lobby patio and the restaurant. Their location allows for easy access for the elderly or anyone with any locomotive difficulty. Because the forest bungalows are closer to one another, they make for an excellent choice for families with small children.


Located in a more secluded and exclusive area of the Amazon Rainforest Lodge, our special river view bungalows are nestled into the canopy of the trees, reaching 15 meters (49 ft) above the ground during dry season. Ensuring the utmost level of privacy, the river view bungalows were designed to be fully integrated into the forest and feature solar heating that allows for hot water showers in the cabins.


The lobby at the Amazon Rainforest Lodge is home to the lodge’s bar, where guests can entertain themselves with board and table games, books pertaining to the Amazon, painting materials and a professional telescope designed for moon and star observation.


The restaurant, specializing in both local and international cuisine, offers its guests an exceptional view of the Juma River. Served buffet style, the menu is constantly changing and offers a great variety of flavors.


The hammock house is widely used by guests to rest and reflect after meals or after a day of jungle exploration.

The Amazon Rainforest Lodge features two decks: a floating one, ideal for swimming in the river and sunbathing, and another one built on stilts located directly in front of the lobby and showcasing excellent views of the river.

With an unmatched location in one of the most pristine and untouched areas of the Amazon Rainforest, the lodge develops its activities in accordance with the principles of sustainability, implementing actions aimed to achieve ecological, sociocultural and economic sustainability.

We believe that the least we can do is to help maintain and protect our greatest asset: the forest itself!

The lodge has implemented various measures to minimize environmental hazards, such as:


42 solar panels have been placed on a 100 sq meter (1,076 sq ft) floating dock, allowing the lodge, in the near future, to progressively phase out power generators. These panels have the support of 72 batteries, maintained safely in storage.


All of our special river view bungalows boast a hot water solar system.


The lodge’s sewage undergoes a technique reflecting the most modern and efficient methods used throughout the world: separation of fat and oil, solids separation, anaerobic treatment, aerobic treatment with fine bubble diffusers, sedimentation, biological filtration, reuse of sludge and disinfection by ultraviolet radiation.


All waste collected from the is separated by way of recycling bins strategically placed throughout the lodge and is subsequently stored in a Waste Management Center.

Over 90% of our staff is comprised of individuals who live in communities surrounding the lodge. Our Amazon Rainforest Lodge is a significant driver of economic activity in the region.

Through a parternship with the organization Qualynorte ( At the The Amazon Lodge, we offer every two months environmental lectures to local communities with themes such as the many uses of organic waste, selective waste picking, reducing risks of environmental disasters, the importance of biodiversity, the construction of worm farms and many other pertinent themes.

At least twice a year, in parternship with Professor Paulo Sawaya, more widely know as “Zezo” ( from Poliedro School (, our lodge donates books, clothing and toys for the children of local communities. During each visit approximately 50 large boxes of donations are delivered.

Our Amazon Lodge regularly participates in the charity auctions of two non-profit associations Vida Jovem ( and American Society ( The proceeds of these auctions and other fundraising events help disadvantaged children with investments in orphanages, schools, training courses and various other programs.

In recognition of our continued efforts throughout the past years to ensure the highest standards of environmentally friendly policies, our lodge had the privilege of receiving from the renowned Quatro Rodas Guide ( the Award for Sustainable Hotel of the Year 2014.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Bird-watching
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Dining
  • Lake/river
  • Nature tour
  • Rainforest
  • Staff
  • Walking/trekking/climbing

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