Charapa, Quito: ECUADOR

Bedroom(s): 18 Cabanas  Locale: Rainforest

price $302 - 323 /night

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Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge: welcome to our environmentally-friendly retreat in the Amazon. We invite you to come here and be at ease in nature. And learn about our way of life and appreciate the rich flora and fauna of our home in the rainforest, while sharing in our vision of protecting the land for future generations and for the world.

As it relates to the resort and nature preserve, we strive in making it one of the most ecologically responsible and cultural sensible eco resorts. The lodge is sited in a remote location and is dedicated to the preservation and conservation of the Amazon.

When you stay at this Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge, it helps by providing fundings that goes toward sustainable socio – cultural communities and the protection of a natural environment. Efforts are directed at preventing logging, mining, and oil drilling in this remote region of the Amazon.

The Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge offers a rustic elegance. It was constructed by skilled Achuar crafts-men whose talents merged to create a series of comfortable cabins in the vernacular style of the rainforest, using local materials but upgraded in design and furnishings to appeal to the tastes and requirements of the sophisticated traveler.

A raised boardwalk connects all of the guest’s cabins and the several large communal buildings at this Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge, all of which rest on stilts around the edge of an ephemeral lagoon teaming with plants and birds.

Each of the thatched roof guest cabins is an expression of authentic, traditional Achuar design concepts, meaning that they are attractive, spacious, sustainable, well ventilated, and creature-proof.

Each cabin has a spacious screened in sleeping area and private bath with solar heated water available on most afternoons (depending on weather). The cabins are fully screened windows, floors, roofs, and each bed has their own mosquito net.

Every room is equipped with a security box. In your room you can relax in a hammock or deck chair and observe the daily wildlife visitors, including ducks, humming birds, egrets, and kingfishers. You can listen to the night sounds of the multitude of frogs, critters, and nocturnal creatures that seem to let out melodic screeches in their habitat surrounding this wildlife friendly Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge.

The founding vision of our Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge and Reserve is to create one of the most remote environments in the world and share with you, the traveler.

A solar system at Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge supplies the energy needs of the lodge and is supplemented by a backup generator. All guest rooms have 110 volt power, are efficiently illuminated with energy-saving lamps, and have electric outlets for recharging camera or personal device batteries.

No artificial illumination exists along the boardwalks since it could modify the behavior of nocturnal animals. You will need to bring a flashlight with you for use when walking to and from your room at night.

All drinking water at the lodge is filtered through a flush-back and sand filter, and finally purified with ozone. We provide glass carafes of purified water in your room, and there is always a large dispenser of purified drinking water available in the dining room.

We provide biodegradable soap and shampoo in bathrooms and showers. Please do not bring non-biodegradable products for use at the lodge.

We recommended leaving no trace, leaving footprints only. Containers for recycling- biodegradable, paper, non-biodegradable (metal, plastics, glass, etc.), and batteries-are located at the lodge. However, we encourage you to take back with you everything that you brought to the lodge, especially your used batteries.

Our Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge is closely linked to the Achuar (a group of indigenous people in the Amazon, with a rich, ancient culture who work to preserve their environment and community).

As citizenry of the Amazon Basin, we formed a cohesive unit that is dedicated to the land and environmental resource management. This allows both humans and the ecosystems to survive in balance. The rainforest is the Achuars’ nourishing mother, and within this living web of forest trails, streams and rivers, the group knows virtually every plant, tree, and animal. Here, the people fish, hunt, and grow their crops as they have done for centuries in a sustainable manner.

According to the Achuar, every plant and animal has its own soul and a living, almost human spirit.

An Achuar is a living encyclopedia that can recognize each of the myriad of birds and animals with which he/she shares the forest. He/she knows every plant and tree, and can explain their medical uses. That is why both an Achuar guide and a formally trained naturalist interpreter accompany you on your exploration of the natural environment around our Amazon Rainforest EcoLodge.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Biosphere reserve
  • Boating
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Dining
  • Lake/river
  • Nature tour
  • Rainforest
  • Satellite internet
  • Satellite telephone
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Wildlife

Available Rooms

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