Halibut Cove, ALASKA: USA

Bedroom(s): 20 (Lodge & Cabins)  Locale: Mountain. Fjord. Ocean. Wilderness

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Our Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge “Stillpoint” is a majestic, fairytale-like village that awaits you. It lies just a short trip across breathtaking Kachemak Bay, past towering mountain fjords.

[7 days and 6 nights package rate include double occupancy’s accommodation, limousine transfer, gourmet meals, float and helicopter tour, fishing excursion, yoga session, and glacier lake kayaking].

You’ll find this luxurious, yet casual Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge nestled on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness, a quick getaway from Homer and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

Surrounded by Nature’s Beauty at the Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge.

Stillpoint Lodge is an elegantly rustic vacation and special event destination for the conscious traveler. The resort is surrounded by trees, hiking trails, and beachfront situates.

Nature at your doorstep at the Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge.

Step outside the lodge and into the pristine wilderness of Alaska’s Kachemak Bay. This designated critical habitat area is home to a remarkably high level of biological activity.

Here, you can explore the pristine wilderness of Alaska and the many activities available to our guests. Go ocean kayaking right from our dock. Witness playful sea otters up-close in their natural habitat. Take advantage of opportunities for boating, fishing, and glacier, and bear viewing.

You can witness playful sea otters up-close in their natural habitat as you launch an ocean kayak or stand up paddleboard right from our dock. Experience a variety of opportunities for watching whales and birds, going bear viewing, tide pooling and world-class fishing, as well as exploring glaciers and mountains. Stroll through our lovely gardens and trails, or even practice your golf swing— then come back inside for a relaxing massage, an organic, gourmet meal, and an uplifting evening by the fire. Three, four, and six night packages include an array of activities, plus helicopter adventures, hiking and kayaking excursions, yoga classes, and of course deep-sea fishing charters in the “Halibut Fishing Capital of the World”.

The resort comprises cozy cabins surrounding an inviting lodge.

Inside the Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge, you will find the perfect balance of grand architecture, Alaskan artistry, Scandinavian styling, simple, nature-inspired design, and a hint of Zen… with eco-friendly luxuries and amenities.

The main lodge is very spacious, with huge glass windows to take advantage of the beautiful views and sunlight… comfortable furniture, private showers and bathroom facilities and a high-end, professional kitchen.

One may not expect to find in such a setting at the resort.

Each guest cabin is cozy and unique, set amidst nature’s grandeur.

Alaska décor theme is known for being rustic, yet Stillpoint’s surprisingly luxurious amenities will delight your senses.

Dining at the Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge.

Our dining room features floor to ceiling views of gardens, mountains and ocean for an unforgettable culinary experience, which include fresh, local, and organic cuisine.

At the Alaska Halibut Cove Eco Lodge "Stillpoint", we are conscious of how we use resources and interact with our environment. The lodge was built with the intention to live in harmony with nature. Reduce, reuse, recycle is our mantra. Protect, preserve, and conserve is our practice.

Our goal is to conserve water and energy, reduce contributions to pollution, employ green building practices, decrease waste, favor reusable and recyclable products and utilize what we have. We recycle and compost and prioritize the welfare of all humans and animals. It's important to us.


  • The single most influential decision we can make for the environment (and our health) is to eat less meat and dairy. We try to buy only local and organic and serve less.
  • Our staff strives to make responsible decisions in purchasing to reduce packaging waste, favor recyclable products and to rotate and utilize stock to eliminate waste.
  • Non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products are chosen to lessen the use of harmful chemicals and animal products and testing.
  • We strive to reduce the use of single use packaging and styrofoam in our cabins, kitchen and dining area.


  • Our reusable earthenware coffee/tea mugs, created by local artisans, eliminate the need for disposable cups.
  • Plastic bags, containers, jars and bottles are washed and reused.
  • Empty glass wine bottles have been repurposed for use in lining garden beds, which absorb the rays of the sun and warm the soil.
  • Composting is used extensively for both kitchen and garden waste and then returned to the garden each spring for fertilizer.
  • Food scraps are fed to our flock of laying hens and our reward is fresh eggs!


  • For those items that we don't reuse, an extensive recycling system is maintained in the lodge, aligned with the recycling facilities available in Homer.
  • Our log cabins have been made from trees that were victims of the recent Spruce bark beetle infestation.
  • The lodge decking is made with TREX, which is made from recycled plastic grocery bags and hardwood chips from the furniture factories on the East Coast. TREX does not require staining or regular maintenance.
  • The main floor of the lodge is fir planks recycled off an old barge.


  • Our staff goes through extentive training on all aspects of identifying and protecting our local flora, fauna and habitat.
  • Passive low-e coated windows allow some of the sun’s energy to pass through the glass and help warm the lodge, while keeping out the damaging UV rays.
  • Fresh, spring-fed water flows in from a mountain creek, passes through a sophisticated filtration system and into the lodge and cabins for guests to enjoy.


  • Much effort was made to build the lodge, cabins and facilities around the trees, plants and natural features of the property in an attempt to preserve wild space and animal habitat.
  • Biodegradable, chlorine-free, recycled paper products are utilized throughout the lodge and cabins.
  • We support our local farmers market, Alaska Grown and Made in Alaska products in an effort to support our local community and reduce the use of fossil fuels for transportation of goods.


  • All of our appliances are energy-star rated and energy efficient light bulbs and on-demand water heaters are utilized throughout the facility.
  • Our high-efficiency laundry equipment conserves water and requires less detergent.
  • In addition to passive heat from the sun radiant in-floor heating is used for warming the lodge.
  • For hauling supplies and luggage, our golf carts cut down on sound pollution and the use of fossil fuels.
  • We are currently researching the possibility of integrating alternative energy sources, such as solar panels, windmills and water turbines, to prepare for a more sustainable future.

We donate 1% of our profits to environmental causes annually.

See How You Can Help at Stillpoint: http://stillpointlodge.com/activities/culture/124603#page_body

We care about our community and neighbors.


Our abundant, landscaped summer gardens yield fresh, organic produce picked fresh just steps from your dinner table. This is as local as it gets!

Alaska's Perfect Escape: at the lodge, we offer a unique combination of eco-adventure, leisure and culture... on the edge of the wilderness.

Miles of Trails.

Cabins, docks, gardens and scenic overlooks are all connected to the lodge by a series of well-tended paths.

You can take a hike on our 3-mile panoramic coastal trail.

Roam Around.

You can stroll our landscaped grounds set against the backdrop of the Kenai Mountains, these tower above the sea. Woodland footpaths, pond-side benches and many special features await your discovery.

Private Dock.

Our own private dock and fleet of kayaks and paddle boards gives you access to the charming fishing village and arts mecca of Halibut Cove and the whole of Kachemack Bay.

Be our guest and experience the very best of Alaska... encounter the diverse wildlife of Kachemak Bay, explore the quaint village of Halibut Cove, partake in Alaska’s finest food, outdoor adventures and leisure activities, then return to the lodge each evening for entertainment and rejuvenation in our luxurious and inspiring facilities.

Halibut Cove.

Coastal Living at its Finest.

Surrounded by Alaska's only state wilderness park, the only way to reach Stillpoint Lodge's uniquely Alaskan home is by boat or float plane.

Hotel Facilities & Features

  • Airport transfer
  • Boating
  • Canoeing/rafting
  • Car-free zone
  • Dining
  • Helicopter/aerial tour
  • Mountain
  • Nature tour
  • Ocean
  • Staff
  • Sustainable fishing
  • Walking/trekking/climbing
  • Whale watching
  • Wilderness
  • Wildlife
  • Yoga

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