Pottery Making lives on in Santa Ana, Costa Rica

pottery making costa rica

In Costa Rica, Santa Ana follows right behind Guaitil in pottery making.

During a trek through this small village, you are bound to notice clay pottery being made and sold. This practice help provides income for the artisans and their families. The men and women, who learned the craft from the previous generation, want to pass down their knowledge to the new generations with the hope that the tradition will continue on.  They take great pride in creating traditional pottery. The items include tall and short vases, pots, jugs, and things of various shapes, sizes, and delicate tones.

Embarking on a clay pottery making expedition in Santa Ana can be rewarding in a number of ways.  The town is located approximately 10 miles outside of Costa Rica’s capital, San José, and reasonably easy to access.

You can visit the clay pit (quarry) where the clay being used is extracted from. You can interact with the craftsmen and craft women and hear stories from these veteran potters about the art and culture of this age old tradition. You can traverse the local community and chat with the native people and eat authentic Costa Rican food. And you can journey off the beaten path, with a nature guide, and see the wildlife, including birds and other species in the wilds.


Article by: Ana Sabrina Mora