During the winter months, Polar Bears attract people in droves to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada. Here, is one of the few places in the world where the mammals seem to wander about at their own free will, while being accessible for viewing. Against the winter white landscape, the bleached-looking Polar Bears seem to be one with their Arctic habitat. While we are used to seeing them within their full fledge snowscape, be it photographs or firsthand, the region where they roam transforms during the summer months. This is when the Polar Bears reach further south.

Wildlife photographer Dennis Fast captured these adorable pictures in Hudson Bay of a number of Polar Bears as they folic in a field of brightly colored pink wildflowers, namely fireweed.

It is common for the bears to visit the lodges run by Churchill Wild in the Manitoba’s region. To see Polar Bears at the Seal River Heritage Lodge, on our website, visit here.