Necker Island, committed to preserving the island’s ecosystem

Necker Island, BVI

You probably know Necker Island as a Private Island in the British Virgin Island (BVI) that is owned by Sir Richard Branson, and which caters to the elite travelers. And you would be right! But it is also so much more than that.

About his luxe island villa estate, the man himself had this to say “Necker Island is my home and favourite hideaway. I invite you to explore this idyllic island paradise for yourself and to be inspired by its beauty. I hope someday to be able to share it with you.”

Necker IslandHere at L ‘ EcoResorts, we don’t use the word paradise (perfect place) loosely; in fact, paradise is one of those cliché words that seems to have lost its true meaning along the way. In this context, however not so; this is because the use of the word is warranted. Necker Island is indeed an island paradise and not only so because of its balmy days, clear blue ocean, rustic chic décor, serene atmosphere, but because of its commitment to preserving the ecosystem of this 74-acre private island! In our opinion, where human effort is concern the latter is of great significance.

The marine reserve

Necker Island has a long-standing reputation for working with conservation groups and organizations to preserve and protect the marine areas of the Caribbean. “I was delighted this month to learn that here in the Caribbean, The Bahamas has just announced a major expansion of its marine protected areas. This means that The Bahamas is well on its way towards meeting a commitment made as part of the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) Leaders Summit of 2013: to protect at least 20 per cent of their marine environment by 2020. The Summit took place on Necker Island in 2013 and I was lucky enough to attend.”— Sir Richard Branson

At the resort, there are several on-going works being done that are beneficial to the marine reserve and its wildlife over an extended period, including reef restoration and shark conservation cooperation.


The wildlife

Among the permanent residents on Necker Island are iguanas brought in from the nearby island(s), and saved from near extinction; the flamingos were also introduced here and had its population drastically increased over the decades since; each year turtles visit the resort’s beach to nest, these include hawksbill, loggerhead and leatherback; other wildlife here include lemur (primate), the red-footed tortoise, the giant galapagos tortoise, and geckos (500,000 plus individuals by some estimates).



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