Nature Tours

Iceland Landscape Photo Tour
Iceland Landscape Photo Tour: Snæfellsnes, Golden Circle, Glacier Lagoon, Ice Caves *8 Days

Exploring Ice caves/Geothermal field

Photographing icy landscapes and Glacier Lagoon

Shooting Iceland's famous Northern Lights (Aurora)

Sweden Wildlife Tour
Sweden Wildlife Tour: Wolves, Bears and Wolverines *8 Days

Tracking Wolves, Bears, and Wolverines

Wildlife and landscape photography

Boating lakes/Misty Swedish forest

Norway Northern Lights Photography Tour
Norway Northern Lights Photography Tour and Whale Watching Excursion *7 Days

Photograhing Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

Guided Whale watching/boating excursion

Norway’s island vacation/hiking dramatic mountains

Australia Outback Tour
Australia Outback Tour and Frontier Expedition *17 Days

Exploring Australian deserts and outback

Visiting quirky and remote villages

Indulging aboriginal cultures

New Zealand nature tour
New Zealand Nature Tour *15 Days: Exploring Off The Beaten Path

Cruising the fjords at Milford Sound

Staying on the wild and isolated Stewart Island

Hiking Fiordland National Park's rainforest/alps

New Zealand
Nicaragua eco tour
Nicaragua Eco Tour: Lake Islands, Rainforest & Wildlife *11 Days

Hiking wildlife reserves and volcanoes

Boating Solentiname Islands

Exploring cloud forests. Wildlife watching

guatemala trekking tour VOLCANO
Guatemala Trekking Tour and Photo Expedition *8 Days

Trekking the jungle lowlands of Peten

Journeying to Maya Highlands

Touring Mayan ruins and remote native settlements

galapagos islands nature tour
Galapagos Islands Nature Tour and Amazon Rainforest Voyage *13 Days, Ecuador

Traversing the Amazon Rainforest

Exploring the Galapagos Islands

Staying in environmentally-friendly lodges in the jungle

belize nature tour ruins
Belize Nature Tour: Mayan Ruins and Cave Explorations, Hiking Rainforests *9 Days

Diving the Barrier Reef

Mayan Ruins and Caves Exploring

Questing rainforest to see the elusive Jaguar

pantanal nature tour
Pantanal Nature Tour and Wildlife Photography *11 Days, Brazil

Jaguar tracking. Photo safari drive of Pantanal

Rafting, walking tour of the grandiso Iguaçu Falls

Staying at eco-lodges dedicated to conservation

costa rica nature tour birding
Costa Rica Nature Tour: Birding and Wildlife Watching, Rainforest Hiking *15 Days

Exploring Monteverde cloud forest & Arenal Volcano

Boat cruising jungles of Tortuguero National Park

Birding & wildlife watching

Costa Rica
uganda mountain gorilla tour
Uganda Mountain Gorilla Tour & Maasai Mara Safari *16 Days

Tracking Mountain Gorillas & Chimps

Hiking Bwindi Impenetrable National Park

Observing "big 5" in Masai Mara's nature preserves

namibia tour
Namibia, Botswana, and Victoria Falls Landscape Tour and Wildlife Sightings *15 Days

Wildlife viewing: Elephants, Lions, Leopards ...

Sightseeing the landscape, deserts, and sand dunes

Eco lodge stay/accommodation

serengeti migration tanzania
Serengeti Migration Tanzania Safari *14 Days

Jeeping wildlife preserves

Visiting the Ngorongoro Crater

Eco lodge stay/accommodation

South Africa nature tour elephant
South Africa Nature Tour *14 Days | Scenic Wonders & Wildlife

Observing Big Five in Kruger National Park

Exploring wine vineyards in Cape Town

Indulging traditional cultures

South Africa
trekking tour torres del paine
7 Days Trekking Tour Torres del Paine, Chile

Trekking forest, mountain ridges, Patagonian steppe

Sailing to Grey Glacier

Eco-camp/refugio stay in Patagonia

Sweden Ski Tour. Raindeer in Lapland.
Sweden Ski Tour Cross-Country “Swedish Lapland” *7 Days

Skiing cross-country in the forest of Muddus

Observing/photograhing the northern lights

Wilderness lodge/wooden cabin stay

Champagne Organic Winery Tour
Champagne Organic Winery and Biking Tour France *4 Days

Touring organic vineyards/wineries

Wine tasting (Champagne's 3 best known wines)

Biking the hilly/pristine countryside

trekking bernese oberland
Trekking Bernese Oberland *10 Days, Swiss Alps, Switzerland

Exploring remote paths of the Swiss Alps

Traversing glacier mountains, valleys, and lake lands

Hotel/mountain hut stay

Whale Watching British Columbia
Whale Watching British Columbia *7 Days Exclusive Photography Tour, Canada

Exclusive Whale watching tour

Spotting Orcas, Humpback Whales, Pacific Grey Whales

Photographing the Whales in their natural habitat



Glacier Wilderness Hiking Tour British Columbia
7 Days Glacier Wilderness Hiking Tour British Columbia, Canada

Float Plane flight from Nimpo Lake to wilderness lodge

Hiking glacier mountains, lakes, and wilderness

Private log cabin stay/camping

Great Bear Rainforest Tour British Columbia
7 Days Great Bear Rainforest Tour British Columbia, Canada

Traversing through the Great Bear Rainforest

Wildlife sightings: Bears (Spirit, Grizzly, Black)

Exploring "First Nations" aboriginal culture

polar bear tour manitoba churchill canada
12 Days Polar Bear Tour in Manitoba, Canada

Polar Bear sighting/Polar Bear photo tour

Tundra Buggy excursion/Arctic activities

Lodge stay for viewing wildlife/Northern Lights

Alaska Wildlife Photo Tour Brown Bear
14 Days Alaska Grizzlies and Wildlife Photo Expedition, USA

Brown bears & grizzlies /wildlife photography

Private yacht cruise/sight-seeing glacial landscapes

Remote island stay/naturalist led walks

dominica eco tour
6 Days Dominica Eco Tour – Explore Rainforests, Waterfalls, Lakes, Hot Springs

Volcanic mountain sightseeing

Rainforest hiking

Visiting boiling lake & waterfalls

negril nature tours jamaica
5 Days Negril Nature Tours Jamaica. Westmoreland and Outer Areas

Jaunting remote fishing village/offshore sand bank

Rainforest hiking/rural village trekking

Waterfalls /river activities

jamaica nature tours
7 Days Nature Tour in Port Antonio, Jamaica

Bamboo rafting

Private island exploration

Blue Mountain hiking/biking


Nature tours and nature tourism is defined as a type of travel experience that bring travelers up and close with natural areas and wildlife. It also involves the promotion and understanding of the conservation of the natural environment and its resources. This type of travel is referred to as ecotourism.

Other aspects of nature tours and nature tourism include endorsing eco resorts and lodges and the welfare of the native peoples: their cultures, their livelihood and their artistry.

Some adventures to be enjoyed during nature tours and nature tourism outings include birdwatching, mammals and amphibians tracking, nature photography, rainforest hiking, stargazing, kayaking, zip lining, and exploring caves and geological sites.

Travelers who engage in nature tours and nature tourism are oftentimes people who are interested in the natural, the cultural, and the historical experience that the region offers.

In terms of conservation, operators of eco resorts, lodges and nature tours do so in a manner that is sustainable to the local land, wildlife, and the environment. This means that great care is taken not to deplete lands’ resources in the names of profitable developments. Wildlife animals and plant species’ habitats remain intact or are refurbished when damaged. Conservation efforts are also directed at improving the local economy. Associations maybe set up to provide a collective support to farmers and local artisans. Other opportunities for training and self-development programs may be implemented and utilized.

Nature tourism and ecotourism goes hand in hand. Since nature tours and nature tourism introduce travelers to natural areas, ecotourism represents a set of environmentally principles. Ecotourism can be defined as a type of tourism that serves well the environmentally, culturally and economically consciences of a region.

As are sustainable tourism and responsible tourism, ecotourism is fundamentally sustainable in that it meets the needs of the present without compromising or depleting natural resources and environment so that the need of future generations can be met.

Nature tours take travelers through dense rainforests and jungles such as the Amazon Rain forest and Great Bear Rainforest. Mountain tours guide hikers up some imposing peaks such as the Andes, the Alps, Blue Mountain Peak, Denali, and the Rockies.

Ecosystems are (or should be) protected areas of importance. They serve to protect (and preserve) certain wild animals, insects, plants, and geological sites etc. These areas are referred to as nature reserves, bioreserve, biological reserves, wildlife corridors, national parks, or simply protected areas. Ecological community and biomes are oftentimes managed for conservation or the study of a set of animals or plants. Our nature tours of nature reserves provide a way for travelers to see some species that might otherwise not be available for observation elsewhere.

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