Natural Hot Spring Culture in Iceland

Natural Hot Springs Culture in Iceland
Natural Hot Spring Culture in Iceland. Image Credit: Guide to Iceland

No other people on earth celebrates the traditional of geothermal pools as much as the Icelanders do.

In response to L’ EcoResorts interview question about Iceland’s swimming and hot spring culture, one Icelander puts it this way “our hot springs are the source of geothermal energy, which power our lives, naturally heat our homes, public pools and bathing facilities.”

Iceland have hundreds of geothermal pools and naturally-heated hot tubs, some of which attract residents and tourists in large numbers. People get in them to hang out and socialize with friends, as well as to improve their well-being by means of the heating and mineral effects.

The Blue Lagoon Iceland (WATCH)

The swimming culture in Iceland is so prominent that the requirement for access to public pools, saunas, and hot springs are that visitors must shower, without their clothes, before entering them. This way, high hygiene level is maintained.

Luxury spas have made use of geothermally heated water and promote this as a special attribute of their service. Such a spa includes the highly rated Blue Lagoon. It’s sited in a lava field near the capital, Reykjavík.

In Reykjavík, there is geothermal beach. It has white sands and warm ocean water (some geothermal injection is however applied).


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