Mustang Monument: A Foundation for the preservation and protection of America’s wild horses

Mustang Monument Nevada
Mustang Monument, Nevada. An eco-resort and wild horse preserve.

“America has been blessed to have wild horses. We have wild mustang. A hundred years ago, there were two million of them roaming the plains and today we are down to the last twenty-five thousand,” says Madeleine Pickens, owner of Mustang Monument— an eco-resort and wild horse preserve in northeast Nevada/western United States.

Mustang Monument is a resort in the desert, which features native American inspired teepees and rustic cabins. Here, the focus is on the preservation and protection of  wild horses. And guests can go on safaris and mountain adventures, including, of course, horse-riding.

“Among the inhabitants: 650 wild horses. Consider Mustang Monument a resort with a mission. Pickens purchased 25,000 acres, with grazing rights on an additional 590,000 acres. Then she bought 600 wild mustangs that were destined for slaughter and brought them here.”— USA TODAY