Montana Dude Ranches, Where Cowboy Living Meets Contemporary Chic

Montana Dude Ranches
The Ranch At Rock Creek, Montana

Montana Dude Ranches.

A dude ranch is simply a resort whereby you get to experience the true cowboy life.

What also makes Montana Dude Ranches holiday unique is that you can partake in the ranch activities, this include cattle drives, round ups and ranch and conservation works. There are a number of these types of accommodations available in Montana, where visitors can get away from the norm of a regular hotel. Riding activities is a big deal at the ranches; travelers get to traverse the backcountry and enjoy mountain scenery, open landscapes and flora and fauna.

Below, we have listed two Montana Dude Ranches that are sure to appease the adventurous traveler.

The Bar W Guest Ranch

Among Montana Dude Ranches, The Bar W Guest Ranch is a great vacation venue for guests of all ages. It is located in Whitefish on Spencer Lake. There is no need to worry about bookings because the ranch is kept open throughout the year. You get to relax and ride horses on an entire 3,000 acres and what’s more? You can drop in at the local town which was recently named as one of the top ten cool towns. So you can possible get down to some Western wining and dining or just do some shopping.

Accommodation: There are three types of lodging for guests depending on the package. You can stay in the Glamping tents, a western style lodge or the cabin suites that have a rustic feel.

Packages: The packages include meals, accommodations, ranch activities, maid service plus access to all the ranch facilities. This is inclusive of rodeo, hiking, cookouts, use of boats and other amazing dude ranch activities. There is an indoor and an outdoor arena. The indoor space is well heated and can be used any time of the year for riding lessons and horse training. It is truly western in nature and is used for ranch sorting, lessons and of course penning cattle. Just a few feet from the Spencer Lake there is a Gazebo with a wood stove, serving bar and picnic tables. It is scene of tranquility and a perfect spot for spending quality time. There is also a play meadow where you can shoot some hoops or throw some horse shoes.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

Of the Montana Dude Ranches, The Ranch at Rock Creek is the only property that has had the honor to be featured by Forbes. It offers all year around vacation opportunity. Its name is that of a 19th century homestead. And it has managed to hold on to its charm and is the epicenter of dude ranches. Here, old western adventure flirt with modern, lavish amenities.

The Ranch At Rock Creek, Montana.
Bedroom at The Ranch At Rock Creek, Montana.

Accommodation: When it comes to accommodation, the Ranch boasts of 29 unique accommodations that can hold up to 125 guests especially during the summer. They come in four styles namely canvas cabins for glamping, luxury homes, a converted historic barn and of course the Granite Lodge suites.

Specials: There are several special packages for guests to sample. Each has its own one of a kind experience. The Blue Ribbon Fly Fishing Adventure offers great service and complimentary boat rides and excursions. There are also casting lessons and also a fly tying workshop. Guests are provided with all the necessary gear.

Montana Romance Retreat is suitable for couples. Lovers get to enjoy private fly fishing adventure, a wine or beer pairing that is curated by the Ranch chef. There are private yoga classes and of course, horseback rides.

Activities: The ranch has signature activities that sets it apart from other ranches in the area. Hats, boots and helmets are provided if needed. Guests have access to four miles of fresh river water, which teem with a variety of fish.