United States eco resorts and lodges combined luxury with nature. Travelers are essentially benefiting from the best of both worlds. Luxury United States eco resorts and lodges are strategically sited in areas that offer strikingly beautiful natural sceneries. These include mountains, forests, and coasts.  Mountain ranges of the United States include The Rocky Mountains, Appalachian Mountains, Cascade Mountains, Sierra Nevada, Pacific Coast Range, Brooks Range, Alaska Range, Coast Mountains, and Adirondack Mountains.

This map shows the numerous mountain ranges such as Absaroka Range in Montana and Wyoming, San Juan Mountains in Colorado, Boston Mountains in Arkansas and more. Accordingly to the National Forests Foundation “National Forests and Grasslands provide Americans with 193-million spectacular acres of wildlands.

  • 9,126 miles of scenic byways to drive
  • 148,295 miles of trails to hike
  • 4,418 miles of wild and scenic rivers to float
  • 5,107 campgrounds in which to pitch our tents
  • 1,200 boating sites
  • And 328 natural pools to swim in

All this and the chance to see elk and bear, ducks and deer, trout and trees, thousands of species of plants, and billions of stars in a midnight sky.” United States eco resorts and lodges offer much opportunity for nature tours in America.

Beaches are beautifully sculpted by nature. And the United States has many beaches linking to coastlines that are some of the world’s prettiest. See Fodors’Travel 20 Most Beautiful Beaches in America. United States eco resorts and lodges are located along California coast and the pristine shores of Alaska.

United States eco resorts and lodges are not widespread in the country. Responsible tourism and the sustainable resort concept is still virtually low key in the region.  However, L ‘ EcoResorts along with a handful of eco resorts and lodge owners, and nature tour operators are working to change this. Sustainable lodges and resorts are those built and operate in a manner that is environmentally-safe. These include the building site and materials used. This includes reducing CO2 level. And this  also includes supporting local communities, and engaging in nature and wildlife conservation efforts.

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