Thailand eco resorts and lodges are privately owned and luxurious holiday properties that are available to travelers (like a hotel but better). Travelers are introduced to the natural elements of the island with focus on ecotourism. This means, the owners’ take care to minimize their greenhouse gas emissions and encourages guests to do the same through a variety of principles.

Thailand eco resorts and lodges operate in a manner that is safe for the environment. This includes sustainable building practices, using only materials that are local and replaceable. Any trees or land that were cleared or chopped down are restored or replanted. Furnishings are made by local craftsmen and resemble the surrounding areas, and includes traditional designs. The lodges may run on 100% renewable energy. Clean energy such as solar, wind, and biomass are most commonly used. Recycle policy and the use of non-toxic products are applied. Regarding food menus, organic and locally-grown foods are served at the properties.

Each Thailand eco resorts and lodges is unique. People who really love nature will enjoy all the facets of the island. The land is diverse. The natural places of Thailand include Thai highlands (also called Hills of Northern Thailand). The mountain ranges comprise a network of hills, which reach Laos, Burma, and China and connect to the Himalayas. Khorat Plateau is an archeology site and natural area. It is a mesa in the northeastern Isan region.

Mekong River, water trail is the largest in the world. It traverses 6 countries, extends to the China Sea and nearly 2,700 miles (4,350 km).

Inland, forming the center of the country, the Chao Phraya river valley traverse through to the Gulf of Thailand.

Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand seem to complement each other. The region offers pristine coastlines and an array of islands, which are noteworthy tourist attractions.

L’ EcoResorts offer visitors the opportunity to embark on nature tours to explore the island’s authenticity. Our Thailand eco resorts and lodges offer the best of both worlds – this is, staying in a way that is sustainable to the preservation of the environment, and a change to totally explore this natural country.

Conservation of the land, the wildlife, and the local cultures are all important aspects of the Thailand eco resorts and lodges.

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