Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges are caressed by pure nature. The elements of these sustainable accommodations are that they are built to minimize any negative impact on the natural environment. Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges by L’ EcoResorts include ski villas, hotels, yurts, and mountain huts.

The Switzerland’s slogan is ‘get natural’. This motto is embraced by Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges. The properties are sited within some of the most natural places in the world. These include on mountains/alps, along lakes, and on rural farms.

Mountains to explore in Switzerland include regions in the Pennine Alps (Valais), Bernese Alps, Central Switzerland Alps, and Grisons Alps. See Swiss Mountains.

Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges encourage nature tours and organize events such as mountain trekking, biking, skiing, nature photography, and canoeing for adventures and ecotourism in Switzerland.

The scores of lakes in Switzerland along with it mountains, rivers, and glaciers define its landscape. Big lakes include Lake Constance, Lake Geneva, Lake Lurcene, Lake Thun, Lake Zürich, Lake Neuchâtel, Lake Maggiore, Lake Zug, Lake Lugano, Lake Brienz, Lake Walen, Lake Murten, and Lake Biel/Bienne.

The mere mention of Switzerland lakes evoke images of glistering bodies of water, with rolling green hills and towering snow-capped peaks/alps in the background. There are few landscapes that are as naturally beautiful as that of Switzerland.

Agritourism (or agrotourism) is involve when the operators of the Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges welcome visitors to stay on their family run farms, oftentimes in the pastoral countryside. Farm stays are a great way to indulge in rural living and experience true Switzerland.

Switzerland is ranked among the top sustainable countries in the world. Swiss are a nation of people that lead a very sustainable lifestyle. This includes abiding by effective and consistent recycling and controlled waste management principles. This also involves leaving as little as possible carbon footprint. And this also involves taking care of the land and its natural resources.

In every sense of the word, Switzerland eco chalets, resorts and lodges are true environmentally-friendly accommodations.

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