Peru eco resorts and lodges have been operating in harmony with nature long before the term “ecotourism” became a popular phrase. Take for example, “Inkaterra Reserva Amazonica“, which is going on 40 plus years (as of 2016) of operating on sustainability principles, ecotourism values, and promoting conservation in Peru.

The peoples of the Peruvian jungle have lived in the harmony with nature and sustainably for centuries and this way of life continues and is palpable at the hotels. Many Peru eco resorts and lodges, over many decades, naturally eased into adapting these principles with little energies and no expectation of recognition for these efforts.

Bordered with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, Peru comprises diversity in terms of its landscapes. The country depicts 3 main features; these are coast, mountains, and jungle.

Peruvian coast comprises a slender strip of desert and luxuriant valleys, which hug the Pacific Ocean. The valleys are sustained by the rivers that flow down from the Andes mountain range. Visitors staying at Peru eco resorts and lodges will find that the coast has a warm-temperate climate for most of the years.

In the Peruvian highlands, the Andes mountain series dominates the landscape. Huascarán, the highest peak in the region reaches 6,768 meters.

Nature tours to the Andes mountain range are available to visitors staying at Peru eco resorts and lodges.

Peru’s largest region comprises lush lands of vegetation in the Amazon River basin. The jungle here includes highland jungle (or ceja de montaña). This site is positioned in excess of 700 meters above sea level. And is which is noted by its cloud forests and lowland jungle above sea level.

In reference to Peru’s jungle temperature, states:
“Like the sierra, the jungle has two distinct seasons. From November to March it rains frequently, while from April to October it is fairly dry, making this the ideal time to visit as the rivers subside and the roads are easily accessible. There is high humidity all year round. Occasionally, between May and August, there are “friajes” or “surazos”, cold snaps caused by winds from the extreme south of the continent, during which the temperature can fall to between 8 and 12°C. Information about the weather of the country’s different regions can be found here.”

Peru eco resorts and lodges are located in natural paradise, which contain copious species of plants and animals. Traversing some remote and natural landscapes are favored activities by travelers who choose to stay in the Peru eco resorts and lodges.

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