Norway Ecotourism: Sustainable Tourism Powered by Nature.

The outstanding natural beauty of Norway is undeniable. Norway is indeed powered by nature. It has copious innate features that is simple breathtaking and amazing to look at and indulge, including waterfalls, fjords, mountains, and glaciers. Norway Ecotourism is dedicated to preserving this spectacular landscape, its communities, and the way of life of the local peoples.

Norwegians live (and also have lived) in close harmony with nature. It could be said that their attitude regarding environmentalism and conservationism is geared towards sustainability. It is a common pastime for the people to enjoy nature and the great outdoors, and this may have very well contribute to the preservation of many of the region’s wilderness.

Sustainability have always been the mindset of Norwegians. Long before “eco”, “green”, and “sustainability” became marketable, the many century age-old tradition built on sustainable principles have been ingrained in their everyday life. The only difference is that now many people are more aware that they are actually being sustainable -a label is added. One could argue that knowledge is indeed power. And with a greater understanding of the ecology, nature, and cultures, the people can have a better understanding of their importance and work to preserve them even more for future generations. This is where, too, Norway Ecotourism can play a crucial role.

Norway Ecotourism strives to promote all things environmental-friendly and ecological sustainable within the country. In additional to the natural phenomena Off the Beaten Path, eco-tourists will be pleased to learn also that even on mainland Norway where the city lies, the land comprises national parks and other protected areas. Travelers and locals alike can indulge in full nature at every turn in Norway.

A number of local places and businesses strive to be sustainable, as well. Take for example, the Norway wilderness resorts, eco lodges and retreats in our collection; Trysil, the largest ski destination in Norway and the recipient of the prestigious Sustainable Tourism certification; Røros, a historical town and a notable Norway’s sustainable destinations where the village folks continue to live and work in the center of this designated UNESCO World Heritage Site; and Vega Islands, it was named the world’s top undiscovered island gems. These islands are UNESCO-protected and sited just south of the Arctic Circle.

Norway Ecotourism works with travelers so that they can come and enjoy these natural places and leave only footprint and take only pictures and keep only memories.

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