Namibia eco resorts and lodges are closely linked to wildlife and land conservation in Africa for over two decades. The objective is fighting against poaching. Additionally, all involved work to preserve the land and the local peoples’ cultures.

In close proximity to nature reserves and parks, Namibia eco resorts and lodges along with The Communal Conservancy Tourism Sector are forceful and vital part of Namibia’s tourism industry. Conservancies in Namibia primarily deal with the expansion of wildlife habitats. The groups play vital roles in the migration of the species. And they work diligently to save the animals from illegal slaughter. Due to poaching preventive measures, mitigation of human-wildlife conflict and community support by operators of the Namibia eco resorts and lodges and others, there has been increase in economic development in the region. Local wildlife population is bouncing back. Some animals that were or is at risk include the black rhino, the elephant, the lion, and the cheetah.

Operators of Namibia eco resorts and lodges support local traditions and cultures. The Namibian people are talented craftsmen and craft women. A rich source of natural materials used in creative works, Namibia’s arts and crafts include basketry, beadwork, carvings, tapestry, and textile weaving. The products are specifically unique to the region and these were made used by the people themselves. As part of the tourism market process, today these items are sold to visitors and provide income for the artisans and their families.

Ecotourism serves to encouraged as little as possible negative impact on the natural environment, while rallying for support of the local peoples. Namibia eco resorts and lodges, offered by L’ EcoResorts, include nature tours and cultural packages, which bring travelers and the indigenous people together. These programs allow for visitors to explore the local traditions, the landscapes, and the flora and fauna of the region.

In addition to wildlife, land, and culture preservation, Namibia eco resorts and lodges are built and operated on a premise that is safe for the environment. From the structures constructed from sustainable materials to reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

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