Kenya eco resorts and lodges abide by the programs set forth by responsible tourism bodies. The eco-friendly hotels in Kenya operate on an energy that is sustainable to the environment. In many instances conservation on energy and waste management systems are in place. Air pollution and water pollution are kept at a minimum. The ultimate gold is to lessen operational CO2 at properties.

Kenya eco resorts and lodges support local farmers by sourcing organically grown food. These items are featured on menus. Skilled persons such as local artisans works are profiled through conservation efforts back by resorts’ operators. And Kenya eco resorts and lodges along with conservancies are dedicated to the preservation of the region’s wildlife and land. The land is vital to the people of Kenya, which they depends on for their very survival for generations.

Kenya eco resorts and lodges include ol Donyo Lodge and Campi ya Kanzi at Chyulu Hills, and Mahali Mzuri at Maasai Mara.

are keen on safari experiences in Africa. Here in Kenya, in the depth of the wilds while staying at conservation-shrewd ranches travelers get to engage in some of the best game-viewing and wildlife spotting in the region. From rolling plains and volcanic peaks, vast swaths of lands with view of Mount Kilimanjaro nearby, the locale is picturesque and authentic.

Ecotourism and Kenya eco resorts and lodges are significant components of the local economic development and sustainability. Kenyans, as is the land are mesmerizing. Take for example, the Maasai tribe is perhaps the most recognizable by their distinguished traditions and elaborates dress code, including the preferred red attire. Blue, black, striped, checkered, multicolored African design clothing are also worn. The Maasai tends to reside close to or around the African Great Lakes region near Tanzania and Kenya eco resorts and lodges, nature parks, and reserves.

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