Iceland Ecotourism: Celebrating Icelandic’s Nature, Environment, and Cultures.

If you are traveling to or is in Iceland and wanting to explore the country’s natural features, you can find that an array of Iceland Ecotourism and outdoor adventures abound. Iceland Ecotourism includes nature tours such as hiking (ice climbing), cycling, caving, birdwatching, whale watching, observing northern light, and landscape photography. The activities that eco tourists generally indulge ib are nature based and caused no negative impact on the local species, cultures, and environment; these events do not deplete any resources nor consume fossil fuels. Animals to see in the wilds in Iceland include sea mammals such as seals, whales, and dolphins. Land mammals comprises the Icelandic horse, Arctic fox, mink, rabbits, and reindeer. Polar bears are known to visited the island by route of icebergs from Greenland. Geothermal pools and spa activities are ingrained into the cultural psyche of Icelanders and travelers who come most times want to try out these phenomenons.

The cultures of this Nordic island can be experienced through various Iceland Ecotourism endeavors. A relatively sparse population, Icelanders are a close-knit group and often engage in social gatherings. Throughout the year, there are fiestas but these are notable during the summer months as large groups of people attend to celebrate.

When we travel, fly on a plane or drive a car, we are contributing to the release of CO2 into the atmosphere. There are a number of things that we can to do to somewhat neutralize the damage, among these are purchasing “carbon offsets,” from and TerraPass in the U.S., and from Climate Care in the U.K., Iceland Carbon Fund (Kolviður) in Iceland. Some websites of these kind have a carbon calculator and can help to evaluate your damages and thus select a tree-planting or other compensation type projects. Travelers can also research ethical Icelandic companies that have earned certification from Blue Flag, which provides eco label for beaches and marinas meeting a set of specific criteria: environment, safety, water quality in 49 countries and 4000+ sites worldwide.

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