Guatemala eco resorts and lodges are located in a country that is known for its rich wildlife biodiversity. The region is home to over 1/3 of all endangered species inhabiting Mesoamerica. Hailed as a nation that is one of the 19 of the Earth megadiverse countries, Guatemala is a part of a group of nation-states which collectively consists 70% of the plants and animals of the planet, in the wild.

Like Guatemala eco resorts and lodges, the country takes care to preserve it natural resources. For example, “Paseo Pantera Project (Panther Ride) conceived to preserve the biological diversity and strengthen the surveillance of the natural areas in Central America. One of Guatemala’s parks and reserves considered here is the Maya Biosphere Reserve, located in Peten, and containing the second largest tropical rain forest in the Americas.”— Visit Guatemala

Sited in the biodiversity “hot spots”, our listed Guatemala eco resorts and lodges offer copious opportunity for our clients to stay and explore the region’s best regarded eco-tourist places. Natural sites of the region include beaches, volcanoes, Mayan ruins, rivers, and rain forests. White water rafting and hiking are among the physically full-filling adventures here. For wildlife spotting, you can see howler monkeys and ocellated turkeys at Cerro Cahuí Nature Reserve. You can see giant sea turtles, tortoises, iguanas, and alligators at Tortuguerio Monterrico Wildlife Reserve. And you can see manatees at the 17,791-acre Chocón-Machacas Nature Reserve.

Guatemala eco resorts and lodges are notable for operating on ecotourism principles long before the notion became marketable. The natural and ancient land translates to these types of accommodations.

In addition to nature, Guatemala eco resorts and lodges introduce a glimpse into the timeless Mayan culture. You can also explore archaeology sites such as Tikal, Copán (in Honduras), and museums. Petén Basin and Río Dulce River contains national parks. Some other Guatemalan natural sites that we are crazy about include Lago de Atitlán (lake in the Guatemalan Highlands) and Semuc Champey (natural monument).

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