France eco resorts and lodges include ski chalets, hobbit style homes, yurts and tent camps, and mountain huts. Appreciated for its rich history, culture, and gastronomy, France also offers much more. The country is chiefly rural once you leave the famous cities. It is the largest country in Western Europe. For its size, the population is relatively low in density. France has an extensive landscape and contains protected natural areas. France eco resorts and lodges offer nature tours of the region’s copious hike trails, vineyards, and countryside.

France eco resorts and lodges include Le Camp in Varen, Orion tree houses in Varen, Une Campagne en Provence in Provence, Cabanes des Grands Lacs in Franche-Comté, Chateaux Dans les Arbres in Dordogne, and Refuge du Goûter (Gouter Hut) in Mont Blanc.

Le Camp in Varen.  This resort incorporates natural materials in the construction of its structures. The colors of the buildings effortlessly blend into the surrounding environment. These are tents that provide a fresh and unique way to camping. “Set deep in the countryside of South West France, a little off the beaten track, at Le Camp you will find peace and tranquility amongst the trees. Encounter nature in style in your own private hideaway.”

Orion treehouses in Varen. Here is a collection of tree houses that offer outdoor adventure in the rugged and wholesome French countryside. “The natural pool, woodland and surrounding wildlife all added to the calming feel of the place. The treehouse was amazing.” — Ben W

Campagne en Provence in Provence. The resort is certified under the European Ecolabel. It is located in the heart of wine country in Provence, and comprises gardens and woodlands – all 180 hectares estate. Local activities include horseback riding, cooking classes, golf, tennis, and river-canoeing. Meals are made from scratch from local ingredients from the garden.

Cabanes des Grands Lacs in Franche-Comté. The structures are attractive wooden houses with thatch roofs. Floating on water or perched in trees, the huts do not impact the environment around them. Not a single nail or screw was used. The resort is big on nature and environmental preservation, and the staff uses only green products. Water conservation is effected and the support of the local economy is a way of life here.

Chateaux Dans les Arbres in Dordogne. This resort is made up of stately treehouses resembling old French châteaux. Here you can explore 11 hectares of woodland and parkland.

France eco resorts and lodges not only include small and cozy wooden cottages in the woods and winery estates in southern France, but sustainable hotels  perched on the French Alps is also included. For example, the Refuge du Goûter in Mont Blanc is a self-sufficient resort constructed from locally sourced pinewood. It uses solar panels and wind turbines. The building is situated at an altitude of 3’835 m. Activities on the Alps include ascending the Mont-Blanc and crossing the Bionnassay’s spine from the Durier refuge.

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