Finland Ecotourism: Striving to Preserve the Local Cultures, Land,  and Wildlife.

A relatively large domain, Finland has a small population. About two- third of the country is made up of forest. Oh la la! Those beautiful wilderness and lake scene photographs just make you want to be there. Lakes occupy one-tenth of the country’s landscape. The Finns are lucky to call this innately bless place home. While the representatives of many places around the world are suddenly in a mad rush to stabilized and preserve their ecosystems as they are being affected due to deforestation, overpopulation, over developments, and mass tourism, Finland Ecotourism is not brand new.

In 1993 Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development (FNCSD) responded positively to promoting sustainable development in the region. Finland’s Ministry of the Environment introduces a legislation on environmental protection, nature conservation, land use and building, and housing. This bill not only outlined procedures that would connect community legislation with environmental protection and nature conservation but included waste, water, air protection as well.

Finland Ecotourism and the act of preserving the local cultures and environment is closely link. Eco-tourists are a unique group of conscious travelers who respect the place that they go to and want to help preserve it.

Finland is noted for these iconic phenomena Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights), Midnight Sun, Finnish sauna, Clean lakes, Wild nature, Ski resorts and routes, and Real Santa Clause.

Travelers opting to indulge in Finland Ecotourism can stay at Finland wilderness lodges and hotels. These green, sustainable, and eco lodges and accommodations are located in the most pristine environments in Finland. In additional to other ski resorts in the country, the Finnish Lapland is a celebrated destination and is noted for its Arctic Hotel, glass igloos, and rustic log cabins.

A country of wide-ranging forest lands, Baltic Sea islands, arctic fells, and lakes, Finland landscape is a massive habitat for wildlife. On Finland Ecotourism nature tours, you can go bird watching and track brown bears and other species as they traverse in the wilds.

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