Costa Rica

Costa Rica eco resorts and lodges and environmental sustainability go hand in hand. The country implemented a “Peace with Nature” policy.  This was inspired by the people who are appreciative of the natural land that they called home.

The residents of Costa Rica live in harmony with more trees per capita and per square kilometer than any other peoples of the world. Costa Ricans take great pride in the lush landscape and copious wildlife of their country. Each year they partake in planting millions of trees, restoring numerous habitats for wild species in the process.

A tiny territory, Costa Rica incredibly packed in 5% of the earth’s biodiversity. Appreciatively, these natural areas and resources are protected by the National System of Conservation Areas. This helps to preserve a total of 25% of the national territory. Visitors can explore the country’s magnificent volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, as well as dense jungles and rain forests.

Costa Rica eco resorts and lodges, more than not, are complemented by nature reserves, rain forests, and working plantations. These resorts are so harmonious with the land that they are favored by nature biologists and wildlife observers over other types of accommodations, or any travelers who want to delve in nature.

Regardless of the category, Costa Rica eco resorts and lodges are committed to minimizing theirs and their guests’ impact on the natural environment and surrounding ecosystems. Lodge owners are also supporters of both conservation efforts and enriching the local communities.

Costa Rica eco resorts and lodges in most cases offer nature tours. Guided excursions take visitors to natural parks and biological reserves.  Outdoor activities include horseback riding, hiking, and bird-watching. The mountainous hike regions lead to paths that reach into the clouds, notably “cloud forests”.

Nature scientists and nature devotees come to relish in the abundance of the natural resources in Costa Rica. The land is so resourceful, pure, and natural, that Costa Rica is dubbed the premier ecotourism destination, and at L’ EcoResorts we couldn’t agree more.


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