China eco resorts and lodges are great choices over the typical lodgings. The country does not tend to be a selling point where “green” is concern. This is partly due to the fact that China is notorious for its high levels of greenhouse gas emissions and high human population. China is noted not only for being one of the world’s largest emitter of CO2 and air pollution but over 70% of  its lakes, rivers, and streams are polluted.

China eco resorts and lodges by L’ EcoResorts are sited in the most natural areas possible. This is out of the big cities and away from polluted air, water, and others. Like most hotels of this genre (“green” or “eco”), our resorts/lodges in China operate in a manner that is sustainable and embrace the natural environment. L’ EcoResorts presents sustainable hotels and vacation homes in areas that are surrounded and created by pure nature.

The structures for the China eco resorts and lodges are built using materials that are eco-friendly. The building sites were prepared with high regards for the land and any ecosystem within the immediate area. And the resorts are run on renewable energy. The products used for cleaning and other things at the resort are toxin-free. Foods are locally grown without pesticides. Effective recycling policy is implemented.

Some examples of China eco resorts and lodges include Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa in Huizhou, Banyan Tree Lijiang in Lijiang, and Yangshuo Mountain Retreat in Yangshuo.

Among the first China eco resorts and lodges, Crosswaters Ecolodge & Spa operates on principles that are sustainable to nature and the local environment. The accommodation embraces ecotourism values. “It is the ideal place for relaxation and rejuvenation in harmony with nature. Here you will uncover the beauty of natural phenomena and learn more about the local heritage and traditional ways. A meaningful holiday without interruption here could change your life in a most positive way.”

Banyan Tree Lijiang is set around the site of the majestic Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Referred to as the Venice of the Orient, Lijiang offers an array of water canals, quaint bridges and cobble-stoned streets. The resort personifies the Zen-like vibe of the vicinity.

Yangshuo Mountain Retreat in Yangshuo was once a sanctuary where expats in China could go to escape from the crowded and polluted mega-cities. The resort is today an eco lodge complemented by the natural environment and runs on sustainable ideologies.

China eco resorts and lodges are set within some of the country’s most natural and pristine areas. These are places along rivers, lakes, and in misty rainforests.

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