Canada eco resorts and lodges seamlessly blend in with their natural environs. The lands virtually comprise some of the most scenic in the world. British Columbia and Ontario include the two primary providences where the properties depicted in the L’ EcoResorts’ collection are located. The resorts’ sites include mountains, shores, and rainforests. Canada eco resorts and lodges also occupied picturesque islands. Here, the waters are the bluest and the clearest. And the peaks complement the landscapes, creating a backdrop that resembles those depicted in the paintings of Johann Gottfried Steffan (December 13, 1815 – June 16, 1905).

Perhaps Hello BC summed up British Columbia best “British Columbia is the kingdom of abundance. Where glaciated mountains stand over an unruly Pacific. Rainforests wrap cities. Nature shapes culture. The wild breathing life back into the wild within.”

Travelers staying at Canada eco resorts and lodges in British Columbia love the alpine mountains, the arboreal regions, and the wildlife. Bear watching, bird watching, and lake activities are popular in the region.

While out hiking or exploring the landscapes, one is bound to spot some form of wildlife in British Columbia natural vicinities. The outdoors serves as natural habitat for an array of species. Canada eco resorts and lodges by L’ EcoResorts provide its guests with the opportunity to go bird watching, whale watching, and photographing polar bear in Churchill. Also, see nature tours.

British Columbia eco resorts and lodges, dude ranch, and wilderness resorts include Bear Claw LodgeSpirit Bear LodgeSeal River Heritage LodgeNimmo Bay Resort, Tweedsmuir Park Lodge, Siwash Lake Ranch, Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, Emerald Lake Lodge, West Coast Wilderness Lodge, and Sonora Resort.

Niagara Falls is the most famous natural attraction in Ontario. The providence topographies include 250,000 lakes, 100,000 kilometers (60,000 miles) of rivers and 3,000 kilometers (2,400 miles) of coastline, which made up the shores of four Great Lakes. Ontario got its name from the aboriginal people. It means “shimmering waters”.

Ontario eco lodges and lodges include Cree Village Eco Lodge and E’terra Samara.

Canada eco resorts and lodges not only match well with their natural environment, but the properties embrace the history and cultures of the aboriginal people.

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