Brazil eco resorts and lodges in the Amazon region of South America offer visitors a glimpse into an ecologically sensitive resort.

Brazil eco resorts and lodges include thatched roof villas and artistically crafted chalets. Whether you choose to stay in a treetop lodge surrounded by vegetation or in a habitat sited along the Amazon River, you will be immersing yourself in complete nature.

The rainforests are the main attractions of Brazil. The Amazon is in fact its most notable appeal. It comprises a vast section of the country. Approximately one-third of all animal species on earth reside in the Amazon rainforest. And it is home to over 40, 000 species of plants, 427 types of mammals (incl. jaguar, anteater, and giant otter), 1,300 varieties of birds, 378 breeds of reptiles (incl. boa), in excess of 400 classes of amphibians (incl. dart poison frogs) and roughly 3,000 categories of freshwater fish. Due to its vastness and some unreachable areas, many species in the Amazon rainforest remain undiscovered by scientists.

Brazil eco resorts and lodges are strategically positioned in the forest so that travelers staying at the properties can observe the region’s wildlife with ease.

Although the Amazon rainforest is Brazil’s best draw, the country has other forests too.

The Mata Atlântica (otherwise known as Atlantic Forest) can be described as a drier tropical forest. It lies along the coast and reached inner land to the south of the Amazon.  The landscape of this forest is being changed due to deforestation and agricultural activities.

Pantanal swampland borders Paraguay and Bolivia.

And the cerrado biome is a grassland area comprising 1.9 square kilometers.

Brazil eco resorts and lodges are big on nature and wildlife conservation. Large portions of the Brazilian forests are protected areas. In excess of one-fifth of the Brazilian Amazon lies within indigenous reserves. The objective for protecting the national areas of the regions is to help reduce deforestation, save wildlife species, and protect the native peoples’ cultures and way of life.

Nature is not the only aspect of Brazil eco resorts and lodges. The accommodations can provide intriguing insights as it relates to the indigenous people of Brazil. The native groups are accredited for being the first people to use certain kinds of medicines used by pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, the aboriginal people have had their homelands disrupted for commercial gain. Many of their lands have gone to mining, logging, and agricultural expansions. Today, the indigenous tribes of Brazil are on the brink of extinction.

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