Belize eco resorts and lodges, as are other accommodations of this type (operate sustain-ably), are run in an environmentally-friendly manner. The owners strive to minimize their CO2 footprint as a result of the hotel business. Some policies that are implemented by them include using materials and craftsmanship that factor in the care of the environment during construction. Additionally, Belize eco resorts and lodges, in most cases, implement a system that conserve on energy or employs alternate energy that can not be depleted. These are types of renewable energy such as solar (sun) and wind.

Belize eco resorts and lodges depict individualism. That is because each resort is unique. However, in such a tiny country where the beauty of nature is so prominent, eco-friendly resorts in Belize embrace the natural land. Almost at the estates of all of Belize eco resorts and lodges, travelers can explore the coast, Maya Mountains, or tropical forest. In essence, you will never be far from the beach, dive site, or jungle in Belize.

The country’s is also notable for its ancient Mayan cultures. Influences of the Mayans are everywhere. Other culture effects in Belize include Mestizo, Creole, Garifuna, East Indian, Mennonite, Arab, and Chinese.

In conjunction with its natural attributes, archaeology sites provide some of Belize’s most notable attractions. Ruins and artifacts revealed that Belize quiet possibly could be at the heart of the Maya civilization. This event occurred in Central America from 250-900 A.D.  Supporting evidence includes 1,400 known Maya sites, temples, and artworks, which were created around this period. Such materials as jade, stones, and clay were used to make beautiful and artistic artworks. The Mayans were highly intelligent people. They were mathematicians and engineers. Their creations continue to baffle experts today.

Belize eco resorts and lodges are near hiking trails and offer nature tours, in addition to history. Excursions will take you on the only jaguar preserves in the world.  Or take you island hopping the more than 400 islands. Here, there are 3 of 4 coral atolls of the Western Hemisphere.

More natural and riveting areas to explore in Belize include waterfalls, caves, and the barrier reef — for snorkeling and scuba diving.

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