Bali eco resorts and lodges are sited in some of the country’s most natural and scenic areas. These are villas in beautiful tropical gardens and dense bamboo forests. These are villas sited along flowing streams and rivers. These are holiday rentals overlooking lush green rolling rice terraces. And these are Bali vacation homes along white sandy beaches. Nature abounds at every turn on the island.

Bali eco resorts and lodges are sustainable structures and communities. This this, the buildings are built with optimum care for the environment. In order to construct the accommodations, any lands that were cleared are restored and any trees cut are replanted nearby. The replanting process is geared towards preventing deforestation and maintaining a healthy environment. Care is taken to prevent hurting wildlife and their habitats. Wildlife is an important part of sustainability. In most cases, wildlife is allowed to roam free in their natural habitat with little or no intervention from eco resort operators. Guest at Bali eco resorts and lodges can observe wildlife without disturbing the species as they move about in their environment.

Local bamboo and sustainable woods are often used in the buildings and their furnishing. Bali eco resorts and lodges depict handcrafted features. Traditional balinese artwork adorn the properties, from the gardens to the interior spaces.

When staying at Bali eco resorts and lodges, the island nature and wildlife reaching beyond the property is worth exploring as well. Over 280 species of birds, including the critically endangered Bali myna, occupy the island. Unfortunately, the majority of the large mammals on the island have gone extinct, including the Bali tiger. Javan rusa deer, banteng, leopards (including leopard cat), and the wild boar are among the mammals that currently remain on the island. Two species of monkey live on the island. The crab-eating macaques referred to as ‘kera’ and Javan langur (referred to as ‘lutung’) roam about Bali. The latter is however rarer and elusive. Squirrels (including black giant squirrel), asian palm civet, bats, snakes (including king cobra and python reticulatus), water monitor, and sunda pangolin include land wildlife species on Bali.

Coral reefs and dive spots along the coasts of Bali, and neighboring islands, house a variety of sea life. These include barracuda, giant sunfish, giant moray eel, hammerhead shark, bumphead parrotfish, giant manta ray, sea snakes, hawksbill turtle, and reef shark. Dolphins too can be observed off of the coast.

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