Australia eco resorts and lodges embody their natural environments. The sites where the properties are located are home to an array of wildlife species and depict some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoilt landscapes.

Australia is both an island and a continent; it comprises desert plateaus, tropical rainforests, prairies, and coastal regions. Australia eco resorts and lodges are primarily located in lush settings and near the sea. The accommodations include Silky Oaks Lodge, Bloomfield Lodge, Tarkine Wilderness Lodge, Thala Beach Nature Reserve, Narrows Escape Rainforest Retreat, Daintree Eco Lodge, and the Blue Mountains Wollemi tree-houses and cabins.

Australia has more than 378 species of mammals (including over 50 belonging to the sea “Marine Mammals”), 828 types of birds, 4000 classes of fish, 300 kinds of lizards, 140 types of snakes, and 2 classifications of crocodiles. Up to 90 percent of Australia’s flora and fauna is unique to the region. These include types of frogs, the kangaroo, the koala, the echidna, the dingo, the platypus, the wallaby, and the wombat.

Australia eco resorts and lodges are indeed complemented by ancient forests and the Great Barrier Reef. You can see trees as old as dinosaurs in the Gondwanan rainforest close to Byron Bay. You can visit dry rainforest in the Western Australia’s Kimberley region. You can hike the monsoon rainforest in Kakadu National Park. Or, you can explore the verdant fern gorges in Victoria’s Otway Ranges. For information on Australia’s ancient rainforest click here.

With over 8,000 islands, Australia is a land with many beaches and ocean for water adventures. You can sail through Whitsundays or Buccaneer Archipelago. You can journey on a 4WD to Fraser Island’s rainforests and lakes. You can cruise from Perth to Rottnest Island. Perhaps you want to explore the unique culture of the Torres Strait or Tiwi Islands. Or embark on an excursion to the wildlife on Kangaroo Island in South Australia or French and Phillip Island in Victoria. You can island hop around Sydney Harbour. You can fly to Lord Howe Island.

Islands off Tasmania count 334. So massive, the Great Barrier Reef can be seen from outer space. It is made up of 900 islands.

Australia eco resorts and lodges are so in tune with nature that almost any “nature excursions” can be had here.

Australia is synonymous with Outback. The wide open brown land spaces seem to go on forever. You can sightsee parts of the outback in every state of Australia. These lands include rugged mountain ranges and gorges.

To garner the most out of your holiday experience when you book an Australia eco resort or lodge, try to integrate adventures and nature tours that take you up and close with nature and the aboriginal cultures of the local people.



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